James Maddison - Leicester City

mark hateley

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He is indeed.

It shows the level isn't that much higher than here in the SPL. How many have and up from England and struggled. Look at SD just now.

At Dolly apart from that goal against us I didn't note much else.


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Fantastic footballer. He showed some glimpses at Aberdeen but often went missing. Just shows you it’s not always stroll in the park up here and we shouldn’t undervalue our players. Would Aberdeen have got £20m for him if he was their player? Probably not, yet now that’s looking like a steal.


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Slightly off topic, but when he scored he took his shirt off to show a t shirt with a tribute to a wee 5 year old girl who tragically died. And got booked.

The law of common sense seems to have been removed from football.


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When he went to the Sheep he was already a £1.5m player, he was already destined for a good career. I'm sure those 6 months up here made Norwich recall him early, safe in the knowledge he was ready for first team football.
We can't just sign every decent player who steps foot in Scotland sadly, by the time he got to Aberdeen he was already way out of our price range at the time but having said that I doubt he would have seen himself as a £20m full international in the EPL. Football is great, fair play to the lad.