James Tavernier - 300

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Actually surprised it’s taken that long, just because it feels like he’s only missed about 5 games in his 6 years with us.

300 games in that period is outstanding:))

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Alan Johnson

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Deserves all the plaudits he gets -he's been down at the bottom with us personally and collectively but had the resilience and ability to become the captain of the squad that delivered our greatest ever league title.

Nothing but total respect for the guy he's a class act.
Correct,a great pro and wonderful captain.


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Won't be many non-Scots who have made more appearances.

Davis, Bert Manderson and Arthur Dixon. Any more?


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I was lucky enough to be in the company of some of his family when he first started playing and they were such a down to earth lovely people and so proud of him

Never thought he’d be captaining in his 300th game on that day

A player we’ll never truly appreciate until he’s gone

He’s been an absolute credit to Rangers over the years on and off the pitch

He’s not a “Legend” YET…… But he might be….


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This. Is. Rangeeeeeeeers

*boots Ange down a firey pit*

But seriously congratulations captain. You don’t see players rack up those sorts of numbers for clubs much these days.


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Congrats to the captain. Hopefully a goal to day and 2 or 3 trophies lifted by the end of the season


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A pure specimen of an athlete.

I remember bumping into Tav and Waggy in TGI Friday on Buchanan Street the day they signed and was struck by how athletic they looked compared to what kind of players we usually had.


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Played today like it was his first ever game and not his 300th, hoping he gets back to form soon enough


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Yep twice especially near the end he got left for dead - could easily have cost us an equaliser.

He didn't even try to get back near him just stopped both times

Paterson should be banging hell out of the managers door now - not that it would do him any good