January Transfer Window

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As the January Transfer Window looms closer, are we in need of a couple more quality signings as well as offloading other plays off the wage bill?

Personally, I do think we are lacking quality on the right wing with Ojo being the only definitive winger in that position.

There is also speculation that massive investment is coming in January as well and possibly from Julian Wolhardt and his associates.
I believe this transfer is vital for us in determining the outcome of the league and how far we get in Europe.

I have the feeling Celtic dive into the market for reinforcements so we must do the same.

Right Wing should be the priority but I also believe we need another player in the midfield.

The transfer window is an opportunity to show that we aren't messing about. And that we are going all out to bring home 55.

Craig McColl

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A loan signing possibly but that will be it.I would be happy with not losing any of the core group that make up the starting 11 and bench most weeks TBH.


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I think it will be more about getting players out the door. The likes of Docherty, Murphy etc will be away I think. Hopefully Grezda gets put out the door as well.


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We need JJ back but i prefer RK to have freedom to play in and around the 18 rather than being pushed out to the right, so with that being said i think a right sided winger should be sought.


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I think the team looks in good shape; however, if we have the option to get one, an attacking right sided player would be a good addition.

Ojo isn't interested in 75% of the games he plays and that's not good enough.


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I think from the way the gaffer has tried to integrate new signings so far, that any signing in January would probably be with a view to getting up to speed for next year. He seems to prefer giving players adjustment time to the league/ team style. I would hope if anything the scouting team have had a hunt through any potential pre-contract deals that could be done. Kamara and Jones have both shown there is still good value in these markets.
As many have said i suspect this window will be more about trimming the squad down, and getting a tighter unit ready for the title run in.


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I'd be thanking Ojo and King for their efforts so far and sending them back to their parent clubs and replacing them with better on either permanent or loan deals depending on who is available.


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Right sided version of Kent.

3rd striker potentially if there's any inkling of Stewart going to be playing wide right.

Back up left back, Halliday will be gone in the summer and nowhere near Barisic' level. Flanagan isn't naturally left footed or able to bomb up as much as Barisic. Barisic has racked up the assists recently and would hate to think we would have to change our style of play in a big game (last 32, or a final etc.) to accommodate our back up who can't slot in and play our style (which is probably why I would let Flanagan go when his contract is up. Decent wage I imagine for a back up who is unable to play our first team game plan, although he is a cracking defender).

I've got a small feeling that we'll sell Kamara in January, as well as possibly selling Docherty. I have a suspicion that we'll be bringing in a quality midfielder although that's just a hunch based on nothing.


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Right sided forward is the priority anything else is a bonus maybe an attacking midfielder who can off the bench and make a difference or even a third striker wouldn't go a miss.

Can see Polster, Docherty, Murphy leaving also big question marks over the loan deals for King and Ojo.

NDC bear forever

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Hopefully get Polster, Docherty, Murphy off the wage bill, Barker maybe as well if the Gaffer doesn’t rate him. Cancel King’s loan and maybe Ojo’s then use the spare wages on a top quality right winger on loan.


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If we do nothing I wouldn't care much, football fans have become conditioned to the idea a window means a club has to do business.

the reality is we don't really have to - focusing and working with what we have is grand.


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In a worse case scenario and Rangers lose both the Cup Final and the New Year games to celtic, then were does that leave both teams in terms of the transfer market?

For Rangers, it would mean a reality check, that despite their recent very real progress, they are still not quite at the level of their principal rivals, and if they hope to progress further, they need to upgrade their squad. That means bringing in 2, poss. 3, quality - not squad - players. All of which would be problematic due to the club's recent financial statements - unless of course substantial new investment is found.

For the yahoos, should they lose both OF games, they would have NO choice but to upgrade - even more so - as they see their dominance having been ended - their fan base would demand it.


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2 or 3 ins hopefully good quality but i think it'll be more out the door than in.

Defoe Permanent
RW (My suggestion Sinani)
And maybe 1 more

(loan returns)
Edmundson (Maybe)
all loans hopefully some sold Grezda for example.


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Right winger/forward

Don’t think we’ll so any real business though aside from maybe a few out on loan