January Window

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Overall if you get 50% of your recruitment correct you have done well and we are doing ok. I would like to think some of our summer targets are brought forward to January. However this I feel will depend if we sell a big player. We can't expect the directors to keep putting money into the club. We do need some quality which requires sizable fees paid.


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Are people still struggling to understand that we don't have any money to spend. We won't he buying anyone unless we sell someone for a large amount of money.

Potential for a couple of loans though.

Davie Weir

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Not sure if we’ll spend much because we’ll get absolutely no money for the players you mentioned in your post.

A couple of quality loan signings could be good though

Ally Dawson

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With no money to spend it may require someone to be sold if we want to bring quality in.

Probably a loan or two at most if we are being realistic.


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He’s had no money the last two windows
Then you find it or sell a player and btw it's also the DOF role to actively find buyers for players something so far he has failed to do.

Surely someone could have been sold to free up funds and buy say two decent players and pocket the rest.

We are gonna have to start bringing in and moving players on especially with some of our big players coming close to reaching the final months/year of there contracts.

And I'll be brutally honest I don't see the hype in Wilson whatsoever talks a good game though he was a mixed bag at Southampton where he had money to spend.

Take away January but next summer is make or break for him the board will need to provide funds and a big sale or two will be required but if he doesn't deliver for us then he should be shown the door imo.


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I think if anything Wilson has came up short in managing to sell players for fees. I get that staff are probably loyal to the players but the squad needs refreshed with quality.
And that means players have to be sold to fund said quality.


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He’s had no money the last two windows

Hearts have spent £250k on transfers in the last 5 seasons.

Malmo who embarrassed us in Europe have spent less in thirty years than Gerrard has in his time here.

If it is all about spending money we should not be losing to Dundee United, dropping points at home to Motherwell and Hearts. We outspend the combined SPL, Celtic apart, ten times over and some.


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Won’t be much business in January. This team need to win us the league for C/L money. Having that group spot will attract players and buyers alike.


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Hopefully go all out with an EPL loan type to get us over the line.

A Davis in 07/08, or Bellamy type for them.

Instant quality upgrade.


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We need to bring in a striker, I’d sell Morelos get whatever fee we can get for him( even if it is only £5-7 million). Look to bring in someone of the moult of jack if he can’t return and stay fit.


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I don't think we will do much business in all honesty.

Best we can do is offload some fringe players save the wages and tie up some decent bosmans.

Sorting out our shamboic recruitment has to be an urgent priority though and questions need to be asked of Ross Wilson we also need decent funds to be be made available next summer I think you'll also see a few of our main players moved on aswell.
Shambolic recruitment???


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Shambolic recruitment???
Barely improved our starting eleven over the course of the last two transfer windows.

The bulk of our main eleven were signed 2/3 years ago.

Quantity over quality approach.

Mediocre fringe players leaving then more coming in.

Regardless of funds our business hasn't been good enough our squad is stale and needs freshened up.

Shambolic might be a strong word but we've stood still and our recruitment of late under Ross Wilson has been dubious to say the least.


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I honestly dont see us buying anyone at all. We limped through the transfer window and the manager made his views pretty clear - it's glaringly apparent we dont have a pot to piss in at the moment and we are relying enormously on the existing group being good enough to get us to that champs league auto qualification

Win the league and things change but for now I dont see us doing any business whatsoever in jan

The famous RFC

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I think we will try and sign Joe Rothwell from Blackburn and sirki Dembele from Peterborough both are available on a free at the end of the season.


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With champions league money on the line and the form so far this season

we would be mad not to try and add some quality


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Get rid of Morelos for starters. Goldson as well if he doesn't sign a new deal.

Any high offers for Hagi, Aribo or Barisic should be considered also.

Sell one or two from that list and freshen things up please.

Were brutal to watch this season.