Jermain Defoe interview on Sky Sports News


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What an honour it is having this great professional representing our club and still doing it on the park.

He is a legend of football and I can’t remember anyone from his time being as great a professional for fitness living the lifestyle on and off the park.


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One of the interesting and key factors JD mentions there, is that when Stevie discussed Rangers with him he told him it reminds him of Liverpool, just goes to show that the Boss has really taken to us just as we have taken to him.


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Defoe is a diamond and we are lucky to have him. Wish he had arrived a year or two earlier, but his impact on team mates will continue long past his own playing career at Ibrox. As for White, if you can't see he is a Rangers fan, you truly are denying the obvious over many years, even when he is critical of us, or talking up Celtic. It is his job after all to 'appear' neutral!


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It's remarkable just how good a signing he has been. Excellent goal return for our backup striker and Alfie's improved performance is surely no coincidence.