Jermaine Defoe in our last 2 games

Jermaine Defoe ...

  • Start vs Livi / Bench Aberdeen

    Votes: 30 16.7%
  • Bench Livi / Start vs Aberdeen

    Votes: 18 10.0%
  • Start vs Livi / Start Aberdeen

    Votes: 29 16.1%
  • Bench vs Livi / Bench Aberdeen

    Votes: 103 57.2%

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Livi will be a battle with the usual tactics designed to upset our play, fake pitch wont help.

However I think about JD's sublime skill and movement vs Celt!c and wonder how much chaos hed cause the flaky, immobile defenders of Aberdeen. A lot I reckon.

Id bench him for Livi and let Buff batter them, he always thrives in a battle but Aberdeen seems setup nicely for JD.

I also think he deserves a 90min game and this may be his last chance(s).


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Best team at all times, bench.

If we were talking retirement season then sentiment would come into it. Maybe next season ;)

Anyone else get the same warm feeling about Defoe as we did with Ray Wilkins?
True gents and top performers who just ooze class and respect for our club


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I am also slightly concerned that Buff has been sent off 3 times vs Aberdeen and they will no doubt try to get him carded x 2 to try and ruin Trophy Day.

Would like JD to start, tear them up and let Buff come on for a late rampage.


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Bench for both games for me. He'll continue to be a good option off the bench after Alfie has dragged the defence around for 75 minutes


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Bench I think as it could be now he has his old firm goal he may be a bit less up for it if he is indeed leaving. He is an excellent professional but just maybe that is him done for us. Hope he gets a run out on trophy day and is ahead of Itten for me but strongest team all the time trumps sentiment.


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If we’re not playing Morelos, it should be Itren who gets the game time.

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Itten before Defoe for me, he needs the games.
He needs to earn game time and has not done enough when given the chance. A thread discussing the possibility of starting JD ahead of him merely emphasises how indifferent Itten's performances have been in the eyes of some bears.


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Great to see defoe get the 4th on Sunday but it’s the bench for him

Personally I’d like to see Itten get started on both games to see if he can do anything or if we need to make a decision that his time is up in the summer also