Jesse Lingard


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He'll run around a lot, there is that.

Also can't believe he's nearly 28. Feels like he should be at least 5 years younger than that.


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I've not seen much of Lingard, but I'm sure I remember him having an excellent first touch. Mourinho will know him quite well, and must believe he is a good player; it was obvious from that documentary that he was going to radically change that squad from the one he's inherited.

50 grand 50 grand

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Before Ancellotti, I thought he had Everton for £30m written all over him but it seems Jose is just going to replace a lazy but talented player with an average diddy.


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He's a good player when he has confidence. He is a better option for United than Dan James. Might be a bit of a prat, but he has the ability to be a good player. He is a united fan so is probably unwilling to leave, but as long as ole is there then think it's best if he does.
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