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No one expected us to drop points in these last few weeks. Everyone thought we would kick on after beating them at the Piggery and - once we'd played our game in hand - go top of the table.

You make out as if everyone knew we would get beat by Hearts, draw with Aberdeen and get beat by Kilmarnock. They didn't. These were shock results.

This season has almost certainly gone now but next season will be a different kettle of fish entirely.

Never write off Rangers.
I suspect that if the scum get 9 they will use their reserves to basically buy 10. We had a brilliant oppertunity to stop them this season and sadly we may have fvcked up big time.:mad:
We come back because at the beginning of every season everyone is back on 0 points.

There were Mhanks during the early to mid 90s who never thought their team would win the league again, but they did. And so will we.
It was never ever going to be a 2 season fix with Gerrard.The board must continue to provide funds for the squad to become stronger.Better players have to be purchased year on year.Stick with the manager he will catch them.

Luca Stroppi

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They wanted us dead and buried but have got the next best thing with us being hamstrung for years. We simply don’t have the required strength in depth in the squad which Rangers must have in order to handle everything that Scottish football throws at us.

Even if the refereeing wasn’t as dire as it clearly is we’d still have a problem being totally honest because of the personnel which really only has Davis and McGregor who have won anything, our midfield is not dynamic and threatening enough, that’s plain to see and maybe that’s down to us only playing the one way which has been well and truly sussed out by the opposition in the diddy 4 games at LEAST bum set up SPfL.

I suspect Dave King’s tearful speech at the AGM had just as much to do with with knowing these things and that we’re ultimately still not strong enough over a season to win the league as well as showing visible signs of the strain and immense pressure from trying to sort out the mess we’ve been left in and with some knowledge of how it all came about.


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I still don’t think the majority realise what the events of 2012 did to us.

Gerrard will go in my view after they do their ten next Summer, but that probably won’t solve our woes.

Our problems run through the club from top to bottom. Financially they’ve left us behind even when they don’t make the Champions League They can sell assets to pull away. and PR wise we’re not even in their league.

Even our stadium is looking dated compared to what they’ve been able to do around theirs thanks to their pals at the council. They also have a standing area and a larger capacity.

For whatever reason we are okay with being a punching bag for officials, so that’s not helping either.

2012 gutted our club, and those thinking “oh it will be our turn soon” don’t seem to appreciate the damage was unprecedented. Even now the way Ashley has us under his thumb just serves to remind us where we are.

This board are well intentioned, but they don’t have the football expertise or money to rebuild us. The managerial appointments they have made have only added to our problems.

No white knight is coming to save us, I think sadly this is the new normal for a longtime to come.

I of course hope I’m wrong, but I’m buckling myself in for more of the same.
Grim read that mate, but you make some very good points


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I’m beat. Can’t see us winning it any time soon. Seasons done all we can maybe look forward to is a meaningless cup.

Naebody, not even white needs to tell any of us on here what the implications of not moving forward from the 29th December has impacted on our season.

Single reason same as the last league we lost was the inability of players to keep up the momentum and have shirked away from responsibility to improve further which has been a major shock and disappointment to all of our support.

We have seen us fail to take the mantle of win,win,win to a deplorable exhibition of play in which all the good work has gone fuukin pearshaped.

And it may not be done yet, although nae one will fight like fuuk against the Micks so it looks like all other teams have resigned to seeing them get even further success at their own doing.

Other than us imploding Scottish fitbaw has a big, big problem.

Davy Young

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7 weeks ago I would have said yeah we're catching up, now I'm not to sure, that display in the second half was shocking, Killie looked as if they had players that were worth millions.
If Celtc win 10 I'm sure they will win 11 after that who knows?


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I don't think accept it as such, but I think we need to concentrate on our own club, strategy and off the field performance than worry about they fucking idiots.
I don’t care how many trophies Celtic win. They are always going to be manky, morally bankrupt bastards. Always have been, always will be.

Rangers will come back, I just hoped it was going to be a lot sooner than it looks like it might be now.


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I’m not sure if the current board can do it without major investment.

We’re not going to win the league in any case with the sort of refereeing we’ve seen over the past couple of seasons.

By and large the support doesn’t realise the damage wreaked by Murray.
I don’t think we realised in 2012 how severe the damage was.

Sir Sasa Papac

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I’m gutted about our form this year but we’ve not become a bad team overnight. All teams go through bad form but when that’s combined with awful refereeing as ours has been then we’ve not been able to grind out results like the tims have. But they get fair treatment, preferential treatment in fact, from referees. You can tell their getting favourable referees because you rarely hear them complaining, they would even if they were only being treated fairly. If they had gotten our decisions they would have lost their shit months ago. That’s a fact

A red card to Griffiths last week for his stamp in the first half and Celtic probably don’t win.

A red card for Christie on 55 mins for grabbing Alfie and we probably go on to pump them at their own midden putting the shits up them.

An offside decision in the cup final and we probably go on to win , breaking their run of dominance and change the whole narrative of the season.

If John Beaton is consistent then we get a goal or a penalty last night and probably win.
there’s plenty more examples but I’m too depressed to think of them.

The big decisions change matches, they change seasons. And we genuinely don’t seem to get any since we came back.


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One they have ten there will be a change in refereeing decision I bet.
It won’t be just the refs. The press will change their tune also. After 10 the usual suspects will openly admit how they want Rangers to win the league to give celtic some competition back. Winning the league forever isn’t in their best interests, not if they want to start winning in the CL again.


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I have a serious fear of them reaching 55 before us
I would like someone to tell me how this isn't going to happen, unless we get a massive investment of money and more quality players with the correct mentality. They are comfortably in front at the moment and have the funds to improve even more. They would need to make a howling c$#% of things not too as it stands.


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Struggle, yes. No one expected us to go out and play like Barcelona last night. But most would have expected us to win, albeit win ugly.
Most media pre match last night said we were under huge pressure, due to our current form and results v Killie down there recently. I was also concerned and the performance and result didn't surprise me.
We dropped 10 points to Killie last season and won 1 0 both times this season, and it took a last minute goal down there to win in August.
Lost 3 games all season in league.

aberdeen away major penalty decision went against us

killie - 3 major decisions went against us

cup final there goal was offiside and there only shot on target.

last 32 europa league

better squad! Remember last year in Vienna Middleton was getting a start!!

how some come say we have not improved is beyond me


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Kilmarnock wasn't a shock result. You could see it coming a mile away with our form since the break.
If we would have shown a wee bit in the 2nd half, that we showed in the first half hour, im sure we would have come away with the 3 points.
But i think our midfield have got players that are too similar in style, by that i mean that there nice footballers, but lack bottle when the going gets tough.And we also lack a proper leader in the team, that can drag us out of the mire when needed.
That's something that will need to be looked at sooner than later.As things wont get any better playing in the same old manner in every game.
We need to be able to change tactics if required, something up until now, weve not done.Only a thought.?


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White hasn't watched us all year - so knows the square root of what has been happening. His wankfest over Lennon was over an interview with an ex tarrier that I have never heard of.

Kept whittering on about Celtc being used to beating us for the last 9 years FFS we were in different leagues!!


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Until we win a trophy to get a winning feeling about the dressing room and club we are always playing catch up. They know how to win it's been too long since we won one of three big trophies unacceptable.


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No one expected us to drop points in these last few weeks. Everyone thought we would kick on after beating them at the Piggery and - once we'd played our game in hand - go top of the table.

You make out as if everyone knew we would get beat by Hearts, draw with Aberdeen and get beat by Kilmarnock. They didn't. These were shock results.

This season has almost certainly gone now but next season will be a different kettle of fish entirely.

Never write off Rangers.
Now your talking sir !


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Have tried to get tickets from the aforementioned through one of his co hosts.

Maybe didn't work when I put "Can you ask that twat White"

Route 55

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Lot of defeated bears in here and that's a sad state of affairs the team has put us in.
The whole reaction to beating them means they were always going to consolidate and use the defeat as a driver to spur them on just as we used the cup final defeat.
From now to the end of next season we need to be nearly perfect on the pitch.
Don't know how we go about that.