Joe Aribo Appreciation Thread


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Never been glad before to be proved wrong before. What a difference he made when he came on and took his goal well. Great to see him turn it around and hats off to the guy.


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There’s a player in there, and last night showed what he’s got in there, yes he young and he’s got the ability to be great player. However like great Pros he’s got to be consistent on end product.

Fernando 2

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The big man has outstanding talent, Well done Joe Aribo.

Wonder if Lee Bowyer still thinks it was the wrong move for Joe to leave Charlton for Rangers????

Danger Zone

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I know he can be quiet at times, but there’s already been several occasions where the big man has displayed serious technical ability. I mean some truly outstanding close control dribbling and first touches. The first touch he took at the piggery when the ball was coming over his head from about 40 yards was the kind of touch you usually only see if you’re watching Barca/Madrid/City/Liverpool/Juve etc.

Ever Ready

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Saturday morning 7.39 and I'm supposed to be at work 10 minutes ago but still in my house watching Joe's goal with different language commentaries.
Davie Cooperesque? Nearly, as Davie would have passed it.

Loyal Latina

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Yes picked up on that too, l think Gerrard was just highlighting how much he rates him and we as a support should not be getting on his back . He rates him highly and was backing him to the hilt with his comment.
We've a lot of young men with a lot of talent in the squad.
They'll become better and more consistent.
If we can keep these lads together for a few years we could have something special.

Teddy bear

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So when are we gonna start singing a song for him ?


He is A - Awesome
He is R - Really Brilliant
He is I - Individualist
He is B - Big & Classy

He is O O O
He already has a song that's been getting sung for a while at games.
Anybody have the words and a video of it?
It sounded good on tv after he scored the other night and after his goal at tynecastle.


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I get that he sometime struggles in certain games and can be seen as a luxury player at times but to me there's a talented player in there and if people can't see that they need to stop watching fitba.


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The control of that high long ball, under pressure and on the run at celtic park shows you exactly how good he is with a ball. The boy is absolute quality and we're very lucky to have him.


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Great performance capped by that goal , perhaps being left out for a couple of games made him hungry again , maybe should try this with one or two others.