Joe Aribo called up to Nigeria squad


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But does he want to play for Nigeria? Has he made a decision?

Either way he's had a lot of positives so early on in his Gers career, long may it continue.
Would have thought he’d have been better holding off to see if he could get an England call up in a couple of years.

Big Buff

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Good stuff, although not so great when we lose him to the African Cup of Nations every couple of years (if we hold on to him that long).
They've changed the scheduling of it now - the AFCON in 2021 is scheduled to run between 11 June and 9 July.

So if he's still here in two years, he'd miss the first round qualifiers (which hopefully we also won't be a part of by then).


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Much as this is good news for the lad I hope it doesn’t get to the point we lose him for crucial periods of the season for daft African international fixtures .


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Very pleased for Joe.

This would never have happened playing in a jobber league for a jobber club like Charlton in the Championship.

You don’t get out your bed for that shower of shit, but clearly the Nigerian FA and manager spotted Joe at a powerhouse of a club who play in European competition in a league where winning is do-or-die.


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Amazing for the lad, his career is only going in 1 direction.

3 EL qualifiers and 3 goals already he's been flying since he joined us.
Adored by his manager, coaches, team mates and fans.
Now called up for Nigeria who have a very good team already.