Joe Aribo Corner footage?


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Last season there were glimpses of pure magic from him. His ball control, technique and ability to make it stick are head and shoulders above anyone in the league. If he can consistently do that for the course of a season, which I think he will, thats POTY and massive for us in our challenge ahead. Love watching big Joejinho.


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This young man is a ridiculously talented player. In particular, his ball control is out of this world.

He's a natural athlete too.

I feel that he will deliver for Rangers in a big way for a few seasons, then move on to a large EPL club where he will continue to do well.
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Sign that Aribo is starting to find that consistency. He was easily our best midfielder today. Unlucky not to score.

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Still find it bizarre that a free kick was awarded against us, anyone see Hayes wee kick out at Morelos in the same incident.
He had 2 kicks at morelos then went greeting to the ref when buff gave a bit back.
Aberdeen and Killie players always do this.
They get away with nibbles at him then as soon as he gives a bit back they're away to the ref.
Save when he makes a challenge against them, they always throw themselves down dramatically.


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Is there any footage of Aribo taking the utter piss out of the mutton molesters? his close control is outstanding, it almost seemed like half the Aberdeen team that corner with him.
Thought at the time there would of been a GIF straight up at FT. Last season he had the ability, seems to be going into this season with the confidence to go with it.

His chance to become Super Joe this year.