Joe Aribo getting some high praise for his international showing.


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Get him playing in his proper position again.

Aribo is far more comfortable with the ball at his feet, facing the play, as opposed to being more advanced, with his back to goal, like the Celtic game.

He nicks the ball of players really well then drives the team forward. He can also get out situations well but back to goal is not his position.


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Delighted for Joe to get off the mark on his international debut last night. Hopefully a big confidence boost because it's been a tough few weeks for us all dwelling over that game at Ibrox.

We've seen glimmers of real quality from the big man. His goal against Midgylland has been my favourite of the season so far.


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Just added a couple of million to his value!!
More importantly, it confirms him more as going to be a very good Rangers player. I like him a lot; any midfielder as good in possession and creativity as he has the potential to be is good for our prospects for winning things.


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Sounds like he had a fine performance with Nigeria. A lot of hype around him just now which is great. Certainly making Lee Bowyer look fucking stupid at the moment. His career has came on leaps and bounds since joining Rangers.
Lee Bowyer doesn’t need help to look stupid


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I've really, really liked the look of him. He had a total shocker against celtc - he won't be the last to have the occasion get to him. Now for him to show he can come back from that and regular be a creative player for us that makes the difference in games.
The playing of the scum never got to him, his manager playing him out of position did, be honest


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I really like this guy but he needs to be played where he is most effective.Don't like this square pegs in round holes.We need to be giving him and others the best chance to excel.


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Is he back to being good now then, aye?

Was the new Ejaria according to many on here after the tarriers game.


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I like aribo and I know he will be a good player for us but for me at the moment I feel he drifts out of games very easily.