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Don’t need a degree in maths to understand that 1.5 M compensation is equivalent of 10k a week extra wages on a 3 year deal.
Exactly. A lot of people saying £20k a week is ok because the compo will only be £200k.

Chances are it’s a 4 year deal.

£20k a week and £200k is still more than £8k a week and £1-1.5m compo - which was the expectation of one club.

Dickens Cider

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Have this on an unreliable source, hey might sign he might not.
Just passing on the info don't shoot the messenger.
Will pm any mods to verify my sources if need be.

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His name is James Tavernier he's the leader of our team
He is the greatest fullback that the world has ever seen
He's always there or there abouts to score a vital goal
Carlos, Madldini, Cafu you can shove then up your hole.

An alteration of the Derek Parlane song.
Don't think Madldini fits mate, Maldini would have been perfect.
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