Joey Barton arrested?

Head butted and punched the opposition manager - knocked out two teeth allegedly. Was coverage at weekend of steward and police stopping his car from leaving ground.

With his record pretty safe to assume he will do more time - surprised fleetwood haven’t suspended or sacked him already. What an idiot
Racially aggravated according that article?
Aye sorry I was not following the thread. Germans not a race though. Is calling him a kraut or the likes racial. I'd say not. Mildly insulting but not racially aggravated.
if you called someone an "english cunt" when hitting them (and they were english etc) and got lifted, the cops would add a racial to your charge mate.

just the way it is nowadays.
I'll normally always support any Rangers player, but given his track record of being a complete tosser, Barton was one that I was genuinely disappointed to have signed.
Agree....didnt like him when he was with us.....a mouthy chancer who couldn't hack it in the Scottish game. Left still thinking he was too good for us....but was bang average. Dont give a toss what happens to him.