John Fleck


Just saw this, hope he’s ok. Makes you wonder if he’s had something underlying and it’s been missed until this point.


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Literally nothing mate.

No player near him. Reading had the ball in their own half and the whistle just blew and the camera panned to the Sheff Utd half where Fleck is on ground shaking like he is fitting or having a seizure.


All the best John Fleck.


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This seems to be happening more and more often, hope he is okay.
It does. Not sure if it's just that we have so much media and news to consume.

I just flicked on the Chelsea game when there was about 10 minutes remaining. Juventus just got their first first shot on target! I hear that stat a lot in recent games.
Some of the games are an absolute bore and turn in to tactical games of attrition. The fitness levels demanded must be extreme.

Rodney Wallace

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Hopefully no lasting effects, sounds a horrible situation.

I wonder if the pressure and demands of being a modern footballer and its schedule will see more of these types of incidents?


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These players are on the edge from the age of 16. 20 years of pushing it to the very limit cannot be good for you overall.

If you go back just 20 years it wasnt as intense, some footballers puffed, many enjoyed a beer. Nowadays some of them are eating drinking sleeping to a plan.

Hopefully Fleck makes a full recovery and returns to the sport soon.


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My God and to think clubs are all over ECG and brain scans, fitness tests.
I hope with all the concussion/Alzheimer’s links that the bodies will look at stop flogging athletes bodies to the extremes for some dirty oil money or Communist Yuan
Jumping the gun a bit here, are you not?

Trevor Reznick

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Anybody see the incident? Was anyone else involved? BBC makes it sound less dramatic. Hopefully Fleck has no serious underlying problem.

It was John Fleck who went down and needed treatment for Sheffield United after what appeared to be an off-the-ball incident.

The good news is he's got back on his feet and does not require any of the stretchers that were out there on the pitch.

Applause from both sets of supporters as he gets up.
Had a ticket for the game but something came up and couldn’t make it, will get report from my son tomorrow.
Hope it is not a career cut short and he makes a full recovery. Once a Ranger always a Ranger..


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With personal family experience of fitting, it could well be the case that he already has a condition which is being managed and this is just his medication needing altered. If it's a first time, then he'll spend a period being assessed to establish cause and plan moving forward. All the very best to the lad.


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As someone who has had seizures albeit it not epilepsy. (Basically only from taking illegal drugs) he himself will have no idea what’s happened at first . He will have been confused especially if it’s his first . But it doesn’t mean any long term damage . I’m not on any sort of medication at all and been 3 years without one. Lifestyle changes of stoping drugs was all I needed to control them. Hopefully they find the cause and he doesn’t need anything


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That footballers shouldn’t be playing 100 games of football in a Calendar year
That isn’t the case though.
Just thinking about previous years.
I’m guessing just now but the Rangers team that won the treble in 78 would have played around fifty games.
Moving forward to Smith’s 93 side and probably a bit more, maybe sixty?
Advocaat in 1999 closer to Greig’s number.
McLeish in 2003 closer to Smith.
These number can easily enough be checked and corrected.
Last season, we played around sixty again.
Thats clubs, not players.
Where are the extra games compared to yesteryear?
I think you’ll need a lot more evidence than the amount of games played if your looking at this being the cause of players collapsing.


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He has just collapsed and had a seizure on the pitch in Sheff Utd's game v Reading.

He is now conscious and on his way to hospital.

All the best John. Get well soon
Terrible to read this about John. Wish him the best of treatment and recovery. Get well soon