Josh Doig leaving Hibs?


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I agree with that.
Bassey has a lot of work to do, of course his crosses. And I think he is a bit rough on the ball, doesn't know what to do with it on his flank.
I think Bassey looks much more physical, athletic and powerful.

Sure he’s raw but I don’t have any issues with Bassey being back up at all. Certainly wouldn’t be spending the money on Doig.


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He’s a good player and only 19. However, if clubs south of the border are interested then we will unfortunately be outbid.


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Why are people comparing Doig and Bassey. They are in completely different development phases.

Doig just turned 19, while Bassey turns 22 in December. You can't compare them as young players due to how further along Bassey is in age and physical development.

Doig is probably further along than Bassey was at the same age.

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The only reason he has played is because Borna hasn’t been fit and was at the Euros. If he had been fit he would be no where near the team.

That’s not quite true, Bassey played because Gerrard thinks he’s good enough to do a job for us.

He’s has made it very clear he wants (and has) 2 quality players in each position and rotate the squad throughout the season. He’s also made it clear that if your not good enough, you will be replaced by someone who is.

I expect Bassey will get a lot more game time this season and have high hopes he will be pushing Barasic, as Patterson is doing with Tav.


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Said pre-season we should be after him but seeing the way Bassey has improved I think we havecreal decent back up


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I got slaughtered last season for commenting about Bassey not being good enough and I’m still of the same opinion.

if Borna is going to be out long term and we have to rely on Bassey then I’m not convinced at all.

Bassey positioning for one has and will be exposed time after time and his delivery into the box is shocking. He was brought in as a project player, something to build on.

against experienced players he will be severely exposed
If he's not....then neither is the overhyped Doig.
I'd take Bassey before Doig all day long.
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I think the time to have made a move for Doig was last year - he probably could have been had for 1 -2 mil.- probably less if Rangers had thrown in someone like Greg Docherty + a make-up in any wage difference - such a deal might well have made Hibs bite. The prospect of a long term Patterson/Doig full back partnership going into the future would have been really exciting.

The comparison between Doig and Bassey is of course a case of apples v oranges. Bassey is big, powerful, pacey - in that respect he has it over Doig - but he is in my opinion more technically limited than the Hibs player. A convincing argument could be made that once, or if, Bassey could overcome his passing/crossing deficiencies, then he would become a quality full back. Doig, however, also has room for improvement, but he's still young, and with the right coaching and surrounded by quality players, you could have a player that in 5 or so years could be sold to a top EPL club for a huge profit.


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Tbf to the lad whoever he end up at he will do well. For his ages he’s a good player and if that lot are getting 5m FairPlay. Hate them, but in years gone by the have produced plenty talented players, albeit some with the wrong attitude.


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Did you see Doig on the cup final? He was rancid and if Bassey had put in that performance he'd have been written off.

Bassey is a good young player who will get better, mad how much criticism he gets on here.
Not seen anything but praise for the lad tbh

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They pay £5m for ball boys in the EPL. If that's what Hibs are asking then forget the big john eleven, he`ll be playing in England this season.


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Bassey lacks end product. His crossing is poor at best. Don’t see the clam out on here for how good he is. He has promise but no more than that


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It will likely be the Tims in a panic.

What would be more appealing? A season of what he and everybody else knows is likely to be Rangers domination in the league. Or a go at the big money EPL with reports of interest from Arsenal and Leeds.


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Some elements of his game are good but Bassey's ability to cross a ball needs to drastically improve if he is to have a long term future at the club.

It is pivotal to our stay of play to have players at left and right back who are good at crossing a ball, which we have at the moment with Tav and Borna who are both brilliant at delivering balls in the box.
Do you miss the multiple balls Tav crosses out the park every game?


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Not at all, Tavs numbers are excellent. But Bassey is a young lad breaking through and their seems to be an awful lot of people writing him off.
He played a lovely ball into Wright for his header that the keeper made a good save. Very close to being an assist.
Just commenting that Tav also misplaces a lot of crosses as well.

Are you honestly taking issue with Tavs numbers for assists?

1 game, 2 assists already for the season.


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No chance he is going to the rhats. If they bid for him then its clearly a panic strategy on transfers going on there. He will be away down south for that kind of £££££

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RTV? Completed it mate!
Apparently he’s off to Leeds.
Didn’t they just pay £13m for a left-back at the beginning of July? If it’s Leeds it looks like he’s destined to be a backup/EPL2 player.

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He was good defensively and has bundles of energy. His crossing is woeful though and there's no chance he'll push Borna for a place in the team.

I saw one report suggesting he was going to Burnley, who were then sending him on loan to Nottingham Forest.:eek:

He's being linked with Burnley and Watford by the looks of it. Don't think it'd be a bad move for him if either signed him and loaned him out to a Championship team, though it depends on the team, manager etc.

I'm glad he's not going to Celtic. He's a good young player and I'd rather they didn't get their hands on someone with the potential to become a good first team player for them.