Jozef Venglos dead

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Former Celtic and Aston Villa manager Jozef Venglos has died aged 83.
The Slovak managed Celtic for a year from in season 1998-99 and famously brought Lubomir Moravcik to the club for just £350,000.

His most famous moment in charge of the Hoops was in leading them to a 5-1 victory over Rangers at Parkhead when double form Henrik Larsson and Moravcik put Dick Advocaat's team to the sword.
The Ibrox team were to get their own back by winning the treble and Venglos would make way for John Barnes and Kenny Dalglish's much vaunted 'Dream Team'.

Before his spell in Glasgow he became the first manager born abroad to take charge of a club in the English top flight when taking over at Villa in 1990.

After Celtic, he went on to manage again with a short spell at JEF United Ichihara before retiring in 2002.

Following the World Cup, he took over at Villa, becoming the first manager born outside Britain or Ireland to take charge of a top division club in England

He held a doctorate in Physical Education and was a key figure of high repute in FIFA.


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First foreign manager to take over a top flight english team as well when he became Villa manager - RIP


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Was he the manager in 1999 Celtic shame game, can picture him shaking his head as the hordes disgraced Scotland? Or was that a different game.

One of the few celik managers I didn't grow to hate. RIP to a thoroughly decent man

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Always thought he was a decent person and was unfairly rubbished during his time in Scotland. He came up against a brilliant team. I never want any of their managers to win a game never mind anything else but always feel that some foreign managers in this country deserve more respect from the press than they get. If they are different and don’t succeed then they are mercilessly mocked and tarred as joke figures. Maybe sometimes people in this country need to look inwards at why we don’t embrace new ideas and approaches. The press are shameful for this and will no doubt be giving it big licks about how sad it is. Anyway,

RIP, sad news.
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If more like him were employed in Scottish football at that time, maybe we’d be in a better position.

A football manager with the desire to play football, not like what we’ve experienced with certain teams and their choice of managers through the years.



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Always came across as a knowledgeable man, obviously had a good career apart from his period with them.
Did well with the Czech national team, Villa for instance and never appeared to try and rile the opposition club or fans up, unlike others I can name.
Always a sad day when someone that has the respect of the football world passes.
RIP JOSEF condolences to his family and friends.


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First foreign manager to take over a top flight english team as well when he became Villa manager - RIP
Didn’t know that mate.

Its amazing how time goes by aswell.

Wouldn’t have said he would be 83 but I certainly don’t feel 43 either.



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An intelligent and educated man who it struck me was here to do his job and nothing else. My recollection is that the Scottish press were somewhat derogatory toward him, him being ‘a funny foreigner’, despite his bona fides.

Sorry to learn of his passing. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP.