Just Us Tims best podcast on youtube


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Jesus Christ Almighty they are 4 of the ugliest basturds you will come across together on YouTube..

Frances looks like she has just come straight off the set of trainspotting FFS
She has great football knowledge,she said they should knock back £15m for eduoard and let him go for free as they would just get a shite player for £15m and they dont want to get administrated lol


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What ambassadors for a horrible club the first 10 from 10 this season for such a shambolic pod cast should hang there heads in shame unwashed do even come close holy feck


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Listened to about half an hour
Deluded headcases and comedy gold.
The guy with the bears has to be on the sex register and that “woman” and I use the word loosely my god what a walloper


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can’t wait for their next weekly quiz. Hopefully Frances is on to challenge the intellect of BrianD67.


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The bit at 43mins on the video when the pigeon is reading out the text about Eddie 'How' had me rolling about on the floor

erskine bear

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I have to admire their persistence in producing content, an absolute parody from what I’ve seen on twitter or whatever.


The specky lad is brilliant.