Justice for the Three Scottish Soldiers


  • The Three Scottish Soldiers campaign has relaunched an online drive to raise money on behalf of the families to fund the legal costs for their fight for justice - anyone wishing to support them can donate at

Campaigners seek justice for soldiers murdered in IRA 'honey trap' in 1971


I remember this vividly, and was repulsed by the young soldiers being led to their deaths by girls on a night out. £25 pledged towards justice for 3 soldiers.


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There was a mural recently painted for the soldiers down the street from me. A nice tribute. What happened these boys was disgusting. Also that the memorial to them is constantly vandalised with paint etc by vermin fenian bastards.


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As one of the previous posters said ,the memorial for the 3 Scottish soldiers is desecrated on a weekly basis by Republican cowards who do their cowardly deeds in the dark of night .some shit never changes ! #donated


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As an ex soldier this makes my blood boil.Donations will clearly help but should never have been necessary. Fluck the IRA.

Many came

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Great cause and I would encourage everyone to donate.
What happened to those three young boys was barbaric.

Willie D.

Pledge duly made. I remember this very well as a 15 year old living in a rural area about 30 miles north of Belfast, two of them were so close to me in age. They were the fourth, fifth and sixth soldiers to be killed here, but what made it so shocking was not only their age, but the fact that they were the first to be killed while off duty. According to the book, "Lost Lives," which records all Troubles deaths, one of those involved in the killings was I.R.A. member, Patrick McAdorey, who was shot dead by either the army or Loyalists in August 1971, while another of the killers was reputedly living in the Republic of Ireland.