Kai Johansen's Bar, Govan Road, pictured in March 1977


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I loved him

Said before he was close to my family. Spoke to him at length about Rangers.

Would come down and visit I'd be a young boy going out and he'd randomly say "here have a Good night come on the Rangers" and just give me 50 quid :D

When he would go away would give me the keys to his pad. Absolutely glorious. A weekend in a massive house with an indoor swimming pool/bar the lot.

Gave me little bits of memorabilia too. An absolute gent and sadly missed
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The photo brings back memories of going down to get the old Ferry after games at Ibrox. I was never in Kai's pub in Govan but I remember attending a work's do at his place in Howard Street.


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My very first old firm game , Bud gave his brother & myself tickets 1967 & we beat them 1-0 Perrson scored.
Our seats were right beside Kai,s wife & his two kids, she was a looker.
A few years later Kai was the manager of a team in South Africa ( Arcadia Shepherd's) & he took a mate of mine from the UK to play for him & even then he still went on about the Rangers


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I was almost called Kai Johansen, after that cup final mum got pregnant very quickly.

They chose another name!!


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Where was the old Mermaid Inn in Glasgow - used to have to stand outside many years ago while everyone else who were over on the boat drank.

Was it Bridgeton ?


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Did he not open a bar in Magaluf after that?
He had a bar between Palma and Palma Nova which was called El Bucanero bar but it also had signage saying "Kai Johansen ,Glasgow Rangers" I have a photo somewhere of me and my mate standing outside it (pissed)
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