Kamara pass near the end


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This is obviously down to his ability 100%, but also the coaching and the passing patterns we do in training. Today showed you how well we are trained compared to them.


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Tell me this fellow bears, did we pay 50k to get him a little earlier than we agreed as per his contract? As in he was free if he ran out his contact at Dundee?


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This is the first time when I've really thought the huge money labels being put on Glen could be right.If he plays like that in the euro league and with the rave reviews he has been getting on international duty ,he maybe our 20m man.
His pass at the end was outstanding but ignored by sportsmen. Remember how they waxed about Scott Allan's pass .
If we can sort out Kamara's most effective position the midfield should be built around him .


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Sees things on the park that I don’t see watching on telly.
Came on to say this .

Sometimes I think he is from the matrix or that old movie Tron , he sees angles for passes that nobody else does , he must be murder to play against .

Think I’ll start calling him hypotenuse.
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Might sound strange to say it about a player about to turn 25, but this feels like it could be a real breakthrough season for him.

His vision and ability shines in a team more capable of working with it and I think that is where we are. If his form is maintained, especially in Europe, then I think a number of interested parties for his signature will emerge.


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Bargain buy and he had nitcham in his back pocket today, all part of the second goal build up, solid play, excellent performance, if it wasn’t for Goldson, he’d maybe have been motm ?
I had him as MOTM today , guy never put a foot wrong


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Sometimes he frustrates me by not being positive when he has the ball. Not yesterday. An absolute standout.

Know that cliche “go and express yourself?” He certainly showed us yesterday. Skill, vision, tenacity. So happy for him.

50k. 50 fkn k!


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Kamaras agility is fantastic. The ability to change direction is class. Also, who has the clips of the lego muncher getting pegged and that daft fullbag of theirs pingpong?


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I remember when he played for Dundee against us at Ibrox and it was the first time in a long time that I sat up and took notice of a player from another team.

The guy is pure class and on a different level. We will do well to keep hold of him.


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I said to my boy & my brother , if the South African we’ve signed is as good as Glen Kamara ,I’ll be astonished.
It's not about being as good as Kamara or anyone else in midfield. It's just about offering us the chance of a different type of midfielder if required.


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He also played in an international and travelled back to Scotland, all that stuff takes its toll but he seemed to get an injection of energy well done Glen Kamara if it wasn't for big Goldson bagging two he would certainly have been man of the match, as he was superb.

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Mentioned this exact moment in the other thread - the 50k man thread .. post #171 haha

and then highlighted how jacks pass was into Kent but he never read it and the move broke down
Javks pass should've been in field to arfield. What a performance our team put in. Neil mccann said it was total control of a football match.


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He really is a joy to watch. When we signed him I thought we should build the midfield around him.
At the start of last season he was playing poorly and it took him a couple of months to find his form again.
This season he's been one of our better performers, among many, and I'm sure there's more to come from him.
If he could add goals we really would have the complete midfielder.


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Cant beat a pass you let out a little chuckle afterwards
Then Alf clips lego's lug for another:D

Kamara plays like he is on skates gliding around. the difference between top quality players and good players is consistency, if he played like that week in week out we would be bracing ourselves for a hefty incoming offer, i watched the City/Arsenal game last night and Kamara would not have looked out of place in any of their midfields.
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last minute signing

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If Arfield takes that ball and runs onto it it causes major problems for their CB’s. Do they come out to Arfield and leave Alfie? Would have left their back line very broken. Do they stick with Alfie and allow Arfield to drive forward getting a cross or a shot away?

Shows how easy it can be to play between the banks of players they set up as the gaps Celtic left between the lines was huge. Duffy likes to defend with the game infront of him on his 18yd line. He’s way out his comfort zone playing a high line, hence the gaps.
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