Kamara pass near the end

NDC bear forever

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He plays like the Spurs Moussa Dembele doesn’t he? Football Stewart said that when he was at Dundee and since then I’ve took notice of how his play style is similar.


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Goldson got MOTM due to the goals, and deservedly so.

Kamara was immense though. I've not been his biggest fan at times due to inconsistency but he went to another level today.
Totaly agree on all points ive been a big critic but yesterday he was superb Kamara brilliant!


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Watching the highlights on sky there and he fired a belter through the middle of the park up to to get us on the break was a stunning pass aswell

Ardoyne RSC

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Kamara did more with the ball in 9 seconds than their entire team did in 90 minutes. Yet they are the multi-million pound superstars. Isn't that right Keef, Spew, Mickey and all the other Liewell arselickers?


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I absolutely love wee Kamara the kid is an absolute baller. Technique is off the charts in Scottish Football hes destined for EPL in a year or two.


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At the start of the season I was unconvinced Kamara was quite at the level we needed – since then he's been great and has shown aspects of his game that haven't really be there often enough before. Maybe it's down to a run of games or the confidence of being first pick or the coaching, not sure, but it's great to see.

The one big flaw for me in Kamara's game is his tendency to switch off in dangerous places once a game, although it has happened this season it's only been once or twice which is a huge improvement.


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Immediately thought of THAT Barry Ferguson turn vs Leverkusen away where he took out 4 or 5 players in one go.
At 12 mins, 15 secs into the game he had 3 Tim players round him and he did one turn and left them all for dead

Hopefully someone can make a gif of it. Was amazing


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Kamara was great from start to finish yesterday. When you can’t decide MOTM between him and somebody who scored two goals it tells you how good he was.

I’m a huge Ryan Jack fan but this season I’ve come to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be playing them both in the same team. They do too similar a job and one thing I think lets them both down is there unwillingness to have a pop from outside the box.

For the moment Kamara is the man and I would use `Jack as the man to come on and close it all down when the game is won.


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So many times yesterday he picked up the ball on the half turn taking 2 or 3 of their players out of the game. He also drove forward protecting the ball while being pressed nub 3 or 4 of them numerous times. He was unreal yesterday.

The Predator

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His passing and general movement is just absolutely sublime. He is our most gifted midfielder. He was hands down out MOTM yesterday. Rolls Royce of a player.

Johnny Yen

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He makes the game look incredibly simple, he is a wonderful player, skill, vision, sublime passing ability.

We will make an absolute fortune on him, hopefully not for another year or 2 though.

Ted Rangers

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That move broke down because the next pass should have been inside instead of going forward as it looked like RK was not gonnae and didn't get on the end of the pass.
Haha, Ryan Jack is the man who gets criticised for passing sideways then criticised for passing forward. If you watch again you will see the pass go to where Kent pointed, Kent quit on his run though


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That's the Glen Kamara we need every game he was outstanding
Absolutely. And some folk think he can't play a forward pass. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to play passes like this more often. His ball retention and ability to turn out of trouble have improved a lot this season too.


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Thank you OP and thanks to the poster who put up the link. A pass of beauty which I have been raving about since then. I can now show people how good it was as it passed largely unnoticed at the time as we gave the ball away right after it. He was absolutely brilliant yesterday, his play in the build up to the second goal was superb. He does't get an assist for that but without him there is not a goal.


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Absolutely. And some folk think he can't play a forward pass. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to play passes like this more often. His ball retention and ability to turn out of trouble have improved a lot this season too.
He frustrates me he has proper genuine ability but seems sloppy sometimes that's the standard he should be setting every week he does and he'll become a legend


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I thought that was the best I have ever seen Kamara play. Aside of that sublime world class pass. In the build up to the second goal he plays a lovely drag back to totally wrong foot the defender and play in Arfield.
Like you I thought that he was excellent yesterday and was my man MOTM , however my my favourite memory is when he sold the lego eater a dummy leaving him on his arse and played a superb ball to Defoe who dummied it for Scott Arfield to run on and make it 2-0 at Ibrox
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