Katic - Lyndon Dykes almost on same level as Morelos


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You can't compare Dykes to a player with 14 goals in Europe before Christmas.

But he did play well yesterday, and gave Katic as hard a game as just about any striker has in our league. And Niko presumably marks Alfredo in training so can say he has played against both.

Still not bought into the idea we should sign him, but it's obvious he is way too good to stay at Livingston.

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Walter always used to pick up the best players in Scotland he thought could do a job for us.
I think we have allowed Celtic to snap up the best players here for too long. We have no right to be snobbish about players, we are close to a decade now without winning anything.
Dykes isn’t good enough. We need two quality strikers in the summer (one if Alfie stays although extremely unlikely). There is no Kamara, Christie,McGinn currently in the league, none who’d improve us. (Bar pre injury Turnbull)

NDC bear forever

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Bang on.

Patson Zaka will be that player, who they signed from Africa for nothing but will sell for +£20m.

Luckily we have Ross Wilson in charge now, and I fully trust him with recruitment. Someone who casts his net out far and wide.
I read an article about Salzburg’s recruitment and it’s frightening how detailed and the planning that goes into it. As you say that boy will replace Haaland, but it said in the article they already have Zaka’s Replacement on their books. Once we start selling players I doubt our budgets will be much different, no reason why we can’t try and emulate what Salzburg do.

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I'm just going to use two guys we've been linked with as an example:

When Morelos leaves, Rangers should sign a pairing like Guirassy and Marić. We shouldn't sign one of them and then say "Defoe is second choice, let's get Dykes to sit in the stand"

We will never grow as a club with such unambitious recruitment
Would love for that Guirassy. When explained to me his in depth numbers look really good. We need a pair of two top quality strikers to replace Alfie


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Would be a good squad option and a much needed plan b when we are havIng one of our sideways passing days.

Nowhere near in the same class as Morelos


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I would have took Dykes before Kamberi as I think we lack a player like him for when teams camp late in a game.