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We will be told the operation was a success... Months later he will be doing well. Then he will be possibly in line for a return to training, but then he will have to go for a wee tidy up job.
It will sadly be a lost season for the lad.
But as he is a defender there is a decent chance he can return from the injury as the player he was before.


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Gutted for Niko, he looked in good shape and should only be getting better at his age. Gutted for the team because he’s established and knows the game plan.

I still think we 4 reliable CBs with our fixture list. Is Mayo up to it yet. Can only hope so. I’m really torn on whether you promote a youngster more often to fill in, or if you spend on a replacement. Thankfully I’m not in charge!


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Good to see the support for Katic. He wasnt getting in front of Goldson and Helander anyway by merit but hope hes back to push for that starting spot soon.

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This isn't true though. The fact is, Niko has such huge potential and is capable of herculean performances, however when you analyse his game he remains poor on the ball and his positioning is still out of whack. Goldson looks a far better player with Helander alongside him because he isn't having to coach him through the game like he does with Katic often.
Just noticed this. Sorry mate I don’t buy that last bit at all, it seems really unfair to essentially excuse Goldson’s gaffs as resulting from having to babysit someone. It’s a weird way of making Goldson’s inadequacies Katic’s fault.

And anyway, if he can’t get his own house in order he shouldn’t even think about trying to hold someone else’s hand.


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But he blatantly turns a blind eye to Goldson’s errors? He’s the older more experienced defender too. Let’s not forget he was dropped for a bumbling Forest loanee last season too, on the back of some excellent displays to get us into the Europa League. In the first half of last season Katic performed better than Goldson but there was never a chance of him retaining his place or of Goldson being the one to make way for Helander and we all said that at the time, and sure enough - Goldson has some ropey games, no change in the defence, then Katic has a couple of poor games and boom, he was out of there in a flash.

When has that ever happened to his central defensive partner? I think there’s a lot of fans who have a real blindspot for Goldson too, it’s not just Gerrard. You won’t hear anyone say Katic is the finished article, most will acknowledge he has to really improve on parts of his game, but at the same time Goldson cocks up with far more regularity than you’d think by reading this forum or looking at the way the gaffer treats both of them, but he knows he’s bulletproof and he knows he’s starting every week regardless.

Read/watch Gerrard throwing Katic to the wolves up in Perth, then read/watch his post match interviews after Goldson selling us up the river and you’ll see a marked difference in the sense that Goldson isn’t singled out at all.
Goldson has had plenty of roastings on FF.....

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Gutted by this injury. I hope it’s not as bad as we think and the big man bounces back sooner than expected.

And he then goes on to ram the words “Rangers crock” down MacDonald’s throat


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A huge personal blow for the player and for us.

A few of us think the overall squad quality is a problem and this just makes this situation worse.