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Katic is our player so better has to be better than Worrall who i feel is overrated.
Katic > Worrall.
Listen, they are currently both here to do a job for us so that point is moot.

Katic is clearly a prospect, a great option at corners for instance and much better than we have had for years. He will undoubtedly be a player for us.

Worrall has attributes and is not nearly as bad as he is made out to be.

And I say this as someone who wants Katic to take the jersey. Competition for places is not a bad thing. He must do better to secure the place.


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Just my opinion mate.

I've not seen the highlights from last night, but Aberdeen's goal looked like a mixture of fortune, and collective poor defending, rather than an individual mistake, and I feel in the 3/4 games he's played, that McAuley has looked composed and most importantly, a leader.
Fair enough.
Is 75% good enough?
1. He wasn't dropped he picked up an injury. Was brought back in twice and performed terribly

2. Even if he was dropped this blaming Gerrard for 'destroying his confidence' is pathetic. Losing your place for a couple of games is no excuse to come back in and play shite.
He didn't do anything to merit being dropped in the first place, IMO Goldson should have been dropped before him as his distribution on the deck was deplorable at the time almost every pass forward went to an opposition player.


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When he was fit again he was left out, only to be thrown back in on an awkward surface on a position where he clearly felt he had to do well to have a chance of getting his position back (after losing it to a player who’s had an equal number of stinkers, if not more, than he has).

His confidence now looks completely shot, that’s Gerrard’s area. I’m all for kissing his arse and lauding the good that he’s done, but I think he’s handled the whole Katic thing poorly to say the least, and incidentally, we never looked more assured defensively than we did with a regular partnership of Katic and Goldson.


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I say this as a fan of Katic, but he struggled when he came back in. Worrall gets far too much stick. He's a very good player, physical and a leader at the back. Macaulay has shown he's been a class player and will add to our team, but the jury is out on him long term.

As for Gerrard 'treating him poorly'? You cannot hope to make it at the top level if getting dropped for a few games sees you lose form. Also, who knows what went on behind the scenes? Bears seem to forget that Katic struggled at Motherwell, Hamilton and Spartak away. He's got a lot to learn, maybe needs to fill out a bit and if this HAS affected his confidence then he needs to become mentally tougher.


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We looked solid at the time we brought in Worrall, and at that time, Katic, in my view, was our moat accomplished defender. He was dropped to make way for a lump of wood and the lad`s confidence has taken a knock since. The manager`s constant tinkering with the team, not just at the back, really isn`t helping us find the consistency required to win the title, and I do understand the pressures brought on by the number of games in our schedule. For me, Tav, Goldson, Katic and Barisic is our best back four, but I don`t think Stevie G agrees with me.
One of his first interviews, Gerrard said he’a still a baby and was signed as one for the future. Or words to those effects

I remember watching an interview with the manager round about the 2cnd or 3rd qualifier where he basically said in a roundabout way that the only reason Katic was playing was because there were no other options.


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Our best partnership on current form is Worrall and Goldson.

Katic started well,had a couple of chances to get back in and played poorly.

Mcauley,I really don’t see it,slow,cumbersome and crap with the ball at his feet,might be decent if we’re under the cosh for 90% of the game but certainly not when we have the majority of possession.
Added to that when he plays Goldson has to switch to the left and he doesn’t look as comfortable there.