Keef Jackson Rangers: 'detachment from reality'


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He’s embarassing himself but he’s doing what he’s now paid to do. Argue black is white. You just need to count the citations this season to show we’re being treated differently. You don’t need to see Simunovic’s assault from another angle to know it’s a red card offence.

Why though did Sky only show it once from one angle and at full speed? They were able to provide a close up of Alfredo’s red card offence on Brown showing it multiple times. Our problems with this process start with the production and editing teams of BBC and Sky.


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Keech is still hurting that he’s frozen out of our club

No more exclusives for Keech which helped him climb the career ladder over the years

He’s been dumped and he’s acting like a jilted desperate ex boyfriend trying to slag off his old bird as a way to get back at her

Keech is busted flush (no pun intended re his big red face) and sucks Tarrier dick to try and keep relevant in football circles

Flushed any scruples or morals he had down the river to get back into favour of Lieswell and he will write anything to keep it that way

I don’t buy any papers but has the red faced prick actually written anything to condemn the 40 year paedo ring at Shame FC ?


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“Detachment from reality “ only exists within one bias fraternity! Keech and his ilk,are an embarrassment to humanity,shame on you,remember what goes round!!!

Ardoyne RSC

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They did so without stopping to consider the Simunovic incident was captured from one angle only and shown at full speed, which makes assessing his guilt so much more difficult.
Unless, of course, they think the producers at Sky Sports are in on the conspiracy too.
The facts don’t lie. Rangers have had more than their share of involvement in video reviews over these last 10 months.

And there we have it. Yet the guy who appears to give blow jobs to nail bombs (if his fizzog is anything to go by) doesn't see the irony of his comments. He really is a dick.


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The sooner we realise that this is just another hack following the agenda like a sheep the better.

He may well have an axe to grind with Traynor but the truth is ,the narrative has been set in Scotland and they adhere to it rigorously .

We all know what that narrative and agenda is .


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Isn't it so telling, the morons in the Scottish press who throw out stories as soon as their team has some bad news? Deflect ,deflect .deflect!
Keech, Spiers Keevens etc, shame on the whole lot of you, bodyswerving "THE BIG STORY!" over in the East end of the city. Shameless b---ards.
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Jackson is 100% backing the club's line about trial by Sportscene. Apart from the fact he is factually incorrect and there is zero chance that the incident was only captured from one angle, but rather the editorial of the programmes/highlights elected not to broadcast the others, he is effectively saying that it is in the hands of broadcasters to apply as much or as little coverage to any given incident and therefore influence the process.

The man is an absolute balloon.

Warren Hill

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Im starting to think Sturgeon has passed some new law in Scotland.
"Should Rangers put in a good performance or achieve any good result all media must lambast them, find fault, report negativity all week and keep at it like a dog with a bone."


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his article today has literally blown my mind. Has an outright pop then he uses this 'photo' & I use the term photo very loosley...

Talk about trolling us??

What a wanker.

He's actually playing right into our hands with this one.

"The Simunovic incident was captured from one single only and shown at full speed"

No, ya luncheon meat faced fuckin shitbag, it would've most certainly been captured from many angles and any video can be slowed down - the SFA would just have to ask Sky to give them the footage.

Thus, we have definitive proof that the SFA and the media are complicit in the way the game is run up here regarding disciplinary issues. For the benefit of one club only.


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Jackson’s journalistic career was over the day Dave King and the 3 Bears took over. We know it, he knows it, the birds in the trees know it. All he is now is one of Peter’s little poodles, with an axe to grind. Would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic. Is he really saying we’re a dirtier team than, say Motherwell or Aberdeen? I can’t recall a bad tackle we’ve made all season.


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The likes of Jackson are becoming irrelevant to the Rangers support as we are getting our news on Rangers from other sources.i get my reliable news on all things Rangers from the daily update on H&H and they are pissing all over the Jackson etal with the interviews they do.


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If I was Keef and caring about integrity in Scottish football then I would be considering thef ollowing.

The Daily Record yesteeday published more stories than any other paper on the child abuse tragedy - seven pages in all - and yet, unlike the other papers, they did not use Celtic in a single headline. That must have been a decision taken at editorial conference level. No doubt.

Scandalous and could perhaps be added to the conversation. If those Rangers fans who still buy it needed a reason not to there it is , and right in front of them.
I read it in the pub and that what struck me. Not a single mention of Celtic. Quite astonishing.


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What on earth is he talking about?

Is he saying the panel are only allowed to look at what is actually shown on the day or Sportscene?

It would've been captured by more than one camera and can be slowed down if needed.

But if it is what he implies then it is more evidence of the trial by Sportscene farce.
He’s actually pointed out why the system is unfair and the evidence the c/o uses weighted.

Earl of Leven

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He’s actually pointed out why the system is unfair and the evidence the c/o uses weighted.
But he doesn't say that this clearly indicates the system shouldn't be in operation at all. If he has doubts about what footage is used then NONE should be.


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"Vigorously defending Flanagan". I have not seem a statement from Rangers or Gerrard defending the actions of Flanagan. I would imagine Gerard has had a word with him about what he did and the impact it could've had in the game.

We are challenge the inconsistencies and lack of transparency around the rules of refereeing in Scotland because something isn't right. The rule has always been if the ref reports an incident and has been seen to have dealt with the issue especially giving a yellow card, that is the end of the matter. Not lets selectivley pull out a couple of Rangers players and then give a retrospective red card for an incident he has already been yellow carded for.


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So using a picture of Defoe being elbowed proves his point does it? :oops:
The idea that the challenge on Defoe was picked up by only one camera is a worry in itself.
In fact, I’d suggest it’s a lie.
There is a camera at the Broomloan and another in the SJ that saw other parts of the game.
Does the claim that the incident was picked up by only one camera mean that these other cameras were switched off at that particular moment?


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It's really obvious whats going on here.

Negative articles about Rangers = more pageviews and eyes on article.

They will be able to see this in their site Analytics. Therefore, conclusion is create more negative articles about Rangers


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Whataboutery is a word used by these fascists to silence us from defending ourselves in the form of highlighting hypocrisy. They silence us to continue with the status quo.

I'm also getting sick of every article saying Brown was hit in the face. Not once of the Morelos, Kent or Flanagan incident is there any contact with his face. Very sinister.


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I’m ashamed to confess I bought this rag on the Monday after the OF win. Afterwards I felt dirty and will never do it again (until we win the league, then I’ll probably frame it).


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Not really a surprise this one, the more obvious and clear the corruption is the more effort will be put into defending it and shouting ur para. Next season is going to be much much worse because you get the feeling SG has had time to make his errors, improve things understand the league and Rangers should get off to a good start putting Celtic under pressure from the first weekend.

It was interesting to see a thread on here about a friendly referee being interviewed on superscoreboard, never heard of that before, i think we will see much more of this as we continue picking up the reds and being on the end of most of the controversial decisions. During the match and ofcourse afterwards when someones suspended by BT/SKY/BBC.

Earl of Leven

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Should we get anywhere near 55 you can rest assured that the media will get even worse...this will all be cranked up really high.


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He's still got his panties in a twist because Miller is no longer at Rangers and he has no other source at the club.

Dave Angell

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The fact we're defending Flanagan for me is less to do with his actions on the day, and more to do with the utter farce of a review system that sees our players constantly pulled up for misdemeanors that other players, notably the filths, get away with.

The club have rightly highlighted the inconsistency and selectiveness of this sham.

Der Berliner

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It seems KJ (haven`t heard of him for a while) have been away in the Hooped Horros universe and failed to exit the right warp channel. Thus, he`s clearly suffering from a mild to moderate bout of the Disfunctional Reality Perception Syndrome, a plague known to very virulent over in said galaxy.


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“Whataboutery”. I f#cking detest that term.

When defending yourself, you have to bring up evidence from previous incidents to highlight your own innocence.

If the SFA has acted fairly in the past then we would accept Flanagan’s ban. However, they have made this mess themselves. Overturning Bachmann’s red card at Ibrox, missing various Scott Brown elbows/kicks off the ball and now Simunovic on Sunday.

Even with that one angle at full speed, Keith, you can see clearly Simunovic elbowed Defoe.

You and your so called ‘journalist’ buddies are part of the problem with Scottish Football. If you called out everything fairly and put pressure on the governing bodies we could see change for the better in Scotland and make it a footballing nation to be proud of again. But no, you won’t do that just to benefit one club, a club who have tried to cover up the biggest scandal ever seen.

Something you still won’t talk about.

Go f#ck yourself Jackson you cretinous scumbag.
Sums up that muppet and his kind perfectly.


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He has never got over the millionaire, wealth of the radar debacle where he misled the entire Rangers support due to his own lazy incompetence.
He carried an element of trust with readers up to that point. Since then it's blown, and most have recognised him for the bungling and floundering irrelevance he has become. A joke figure only fit for ridicule.
To hear this petty minded clown drone on about "reality" and "learning from mistakes" takes him into the category of a wilfully spiteful troll as well.

Alternatively, I could be wrong and he is merely trying to divert attention from another story about another club in Scottish football. Notice how I managed to avoid mentioning the subject of the story and the name of the club.
He should recognise that.

Rt. Hon. Bearman

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“Scotland’s Most Influential Sports Columnist”

Keith, if that was true, you wouldn’t need to say it.

You work for a dying, irrelevant and discredited newspaper. Which presumably suits you down to the ground.


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Flanagan----multiple camera angles.
Suminovic---one camera angle. Do these pesky people only switch on all cameras at certain times ?
Keith is trolling or stupid. I suspect both
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