Kemar Roofe : Outstanding player.


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Hd is amazing and rarely gets spoken about in the media.

All we bear from the scum are excuses all the time, not once has anyone mentioned the fact we pumped them without Roofe in our front 3 and the massive difference he makes.

They have no idea whats coming January 2nd.
They should by now.


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I think there's still even more to come from him which is very existing.

Another beautiful finish tonight and his all round player is so clever.


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I thought he was exceptional tonight. His first touch and hold up play was different class, not to mention his goal. What a player we have here.


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Very clever footballer. His awareness of space is a joy to behold.

Just keep him fit and he will be huge for us.


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The quality of our front 3 is tremendous.

It's weird though, with Roofe I'm still not exactly sure what type of player he is or what his biggest strengths are etc.

He was a handful tonight the full game and his finish was top notch.


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We always used to have a striker who was great in the air. He keeps the tradition going.
A top player.


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He has it all:
workrate was superb tonight and he was all over the pitch,
skill; the header, the goal , winning the ball back in midfield
vision : winning the ball back in his own half, turns and plays it over the top into the channel where Alfredo is running into
A real class act. I was ready to bet Itten next goal because I was sure he would be off after an hour given the ground he covered.
He will be a star for us

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Tin hat on but I reckon he could easily play for a top 10 epl team. His movement is unreal and his finishing isn’t too bad either. I thought he was great at Leeds and was gutted when he went to Anderlecht as we were linked with him at the time
Tbf, if not for recent injuries, he'd be looked at by top 5 EPL.
He showed enough with Leeds how good he is. Tie him down on a Jum McLean contract- for life! :D


I was going to post a thread earlier calling out the dafties who were posting on here when he first played he didn't look worth his value but there's no point in that
Him and Morelos work really well together and Kent as the front three are really potent


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He looks to have everything as a forward. Hopefully he continues in this form & stays injury free.

I think he’s a cert to score against them in New Year.
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The last time i felt this excited by a player was Michael Mols, outwith everything else mentioned he is so strong on the ball also.


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Other than his goal, I don’t think he did out-shine Morelos tonight.
I thought Morelos was superb tonight.
I think our forward line of Kent, Morelos, and Roofe is brilliant. Can you imagine they were all on form in the same game? I'm looking forward to that, it will happen at some point this season.


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Showing why we chased him for over a year. He has what we have been badly needing which is the ability to score special goals.

All those times watching us punish teams but unable to get the space in the box. Its been a while since i have looked at our squad with hope that someone in it will do something special before the whistle and i think Roofe is that man.

We have others also capable though. The likes of Kent when he just goes alone or Aribo dancing, You could chuck in the two footed Hagi or a fantastic delivery from either fullback.

Just reading that alone i think is the first time i can sit back as a Bear and feel like we should be winning everything in a long time.