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Why the f*** did you shoot from there with that long left man. I just do not get it.
Glory hunter..


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Why the f*** did you shoot from there with that long left man. I just do not get it.
Horrendous decision making from him. At times I think things go to his head and he sees it as a one man show. Attempt at grabbing the head lines and having another clip to add to his personal montage that he shares on Instagram before every game he starts

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Pretty pissed with that stupidity .
I thought a few months ago that both him and itten worry me for lack of goals.
I am not convinced, especially if morelos departs as well as defoe whos on his last legs.


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2 points ;-)
Ridiculous decision making and cost us 3 points. Roofe doesn’t feature in our strongest XI for me, he flatters to deceive too often. Wright and Aribo are both ahead of him for that 3rd attacking spot as far as I’m concerned.


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By my reckoning he did that with around 10 seconds or so at most to go. Was it a wise decision? In hindsight, no. But let's not forget the ref somehow found an extra 20-30 seconds over the 3-minutes for absolutely no reason and then gives a penalty that never was. So, I'm not one to lay all the blame (if any) at Roofe.


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Not the first time we’ve made a stupid decision late in a game that’s cost us points this season.

However, ultimately it’s a dead rubber.


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How many minutes were added?

I’ll be honest, I still struggle to get really angry about someone trying a worldly in injury time in a dead rubber.

Some of our fans (ironic coming from me) just live to moan.
Rubber ?? Are we in the steven davis cup or something

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Really trying my best to care.
Seriously? I don't normally take games that seriously, but what Roofe did, and the end result (penalty and a draw) absolutely ruined my night. 100 points might not be a big deal, but to be so close to another good victory only to have it stolen away by Roofe's stupidity and a cheating ref.....Sorry, I'm genuinely raging!
F8ck it, I'll go and have my last two beers and chill out. I hope Gerrard makes a dig at the ref in his interview and I hope the cheating c8nt never refs one of our games again, he was woeful.

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Rubber ?? Are we in the steven davis cup or something

Dead rubber


Dead rubber is a term used in sporting parlance to describe a match in a series where the series result has already been decided by earlier matches. The dead rubber match therefore has no effect on the winner and loser of the series, other than the total number of matches won and lost