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They loved him in Slavia, he loved Slavia. Now, Simon Deli decides whether he will stay with the Czech champion and deny the Champions League in the summer. The tall stoper and one of the leaders of the cabin have an offer from Slavia on the table, and is also considering going abroad. The last time we talked about the Glasgow Rangers in Scotland, according to, Belgium's Bruges were added to the game. "Help us convince him to help us return to the Champions League in Eden," said the head of the club, Jaroslav Tvrdik, on Twitter.
Delima expires in Slavia in June 2020, both sides discussing what further collaboration will look like. The 27-year-old Côte d'Ivoire operator has a contract clause of EUR 2.5 million (less than CZK 64 million) in the contract. The Scottish Glasgow Rangers, who did not want to pay the specified amount at the same time, have come to an agreement so far. However, the situation may have changed in recent days. Deli is also interested in Bruges, according to, and the second in last year's Belgian league.

"In these hours and days, our football god, Simon Deli, wants to decide whether to accept the offer of Slavia, or to go for another challenge," the club's chief Jaroslav Tvrdik admitted through the social network.

But Slavia doesn't want to lose her jewel. "Help us convince him to help us return to the Champions League in Eden. And that without him, Slavia can no longer imagine him.

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Jaroslav Tvrdik
In these hours and days, the football bug, Simon Deli, wants to decide if he will accept the offer of Slavia or go for a new challenge. Help us convince him to help us return to the League of Champions. And without it, Slavia can no longer imagine. Write to him, please.

17:29 - 5. 7. 2019

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Deli had a major share in the successful season, when Slavia won the title and home cup and represented in the European League. With Michael Ngadeu, he created a functional tracker pair that helped the whole team tremendously. It excels in perfect technique, overview, rally, and is not afraid of unconventional solutions. It was hampered by frequent injuries, but he played 36 games in the past year, most for his five-year era in the club.

Ngadea and others are circling around him, Slavia would weaken their departure. Especially when in the second half of the summer a challenging qualification for the Champions League awaits her, where the club wants to get.

Miroslav Stoch has left Slavia, but Tomáš Souček has managed to keep it. A big surprise is the involvement of Nicolae Stancia, who still shot goals in Sparta in the fall. Now the club management is making every effort to keep the key tracker
Sounds like we would rather pay in instalments rather than pay the buy out clause all at once. Looks a decent player anyway and another big unit in the team :))


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Deli Roofe and our business would be done IMO sand for an outlay off under 8 million? Surely we can manage that without having to sell Alfie


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They've just sold Pontus Jansson for £5m to Brentford. Had a year remaining on his contract - similar to Roofe.
He had a fall out with Bielsa. It was well known & public. Jansson did seem to have a high opinion of himself & to an extent thought he was bigger than the club. Suppose he ended up forcing a transfer for probably half of what hes worth.

To my knowledge, there is only unconfirmed internet rumours of a supposed fallout between Roofe & Bielsa. Roofe also doesnt strike me as that type of player/guy - he speaks really well in interviews & is meant to be a proper professional off the pitch. Despite all that it does seem odd that Leeds have let his contract run down when he is one of their best players & their best striker by a mile

stephen ferris

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Simon Deli seems to fit the profile Mark Allen is looking for, similar charachteristics to previous target Mexer. Also see Deli was runner up for Czech defender of the year in 2017. Think he had a stop start last season.

27 year old
6 foot 4
Quick and seems to be good with the ball
In last year of his contract.


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If we somehow kept Alfie and signed Roofe it would be a massive boost to our title chances. Probably not feasible tho, for several reasons.


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The boy we were apparently looking at in January but nothing happened, Andreas Skov Olsen is also on his last year at his club too.

Simon Deli looks a physical player, looks a bit suspect with his passing mind you.
Olsen is signing for Bologna 5 Million Euros decent player lots of potential and had a strong U21 tournament will be interesting to see how he does
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Looking at Simon Deli’s record on Transfermarkt he’s missed a lot of matches through injury or being dropped in the last 2 seasons.

Started 19 out of 35 league games last season and just 10 out of 30 the year before.
If that's his stats in the last two years, the translated article above would make you think they were speaking about a different player who was a regular in the team he played for.