Kenny McLean sitting in front of me tonight


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I have seen him at various Rangers games over the years. He was on the same flight up as a few of us before the first league game v Tarriers this season.

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Of course it is. But there’s a lot of awful players who have played in it and continue to do so.

Nothing against McLean but playing for Norwich doesn’t make you a superstar. He hardly lit up the SPFL at Aberdeen either. He was decent, but nothing special.
People weren’t exactly overawed when we went for Jack. Not many singled him out as one we should go for.

McLean isn’t the reason Norwich are tanking, he’s a good player, he’s a Rangers fan too so why not keep the jibes for players who deserve it? Especially if you haven’t been watching him are simply assuming he’s not very good because he played for Aberdeen and Norwich are struggling (in a far better league) at present.


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Don't get the snobbery to McLean he's an excellent player. Very classy midfielder.

I can't see Norwich letting him go any time soon tough.

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Sure Pedro put a bid in of 300kish before the January and it was knocked back.

Then Murty arrived and put a stop to the madness of targeting decent players and gave us Russel Martin and Sean Goss.
Since his stint as manager, I can't even bear to watch his interviews on the reserves. He just reminds me of how desperate we got.


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Do you ever get the feeling that even if we were linked with messi some people would have a negative reaction, we are really quick to shoot down any player these days not saying for a minute he’s actually linked but I’m sure you get my meaning
You seriously suggesting we go for a small striker?

This place is mental, we need a lanky strong man up front not a tiny Messi ffs he will get bullied up here.


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I haven't read all this thread, so I don't know how follow follow wishes me to think of him.

He is a good player. I would take him for us in a heartbeat.

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Since his stint as manager, I can't even bear to watch his interviews on the reserves. He just reminds me of how desperate we got.
“I just pick the team it’s upto them as players” or words to that effect. Cringe.

That and standing doing nothing before turning looking at the camera and then going on to shout and point after realising he wasn’t on camera.


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Well documented he's one of us but was in perfect position to sit it out at shittodrie and come on a free but chose England.
I think the guys from c'lang who know him are in a better position than me to comment however I played fives with his cousin and he spoke about him regularly going back to his St mirren days and often commented about him being a blue nose (the cousin wasn't)

I met the cousin after KM went to Norwich and he mentioned that he was desperate for us to come in for him right up until he signed for Norwich in which case I don't think KM got his wish - for the time being anyway.


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I’m actually amazed we are 2 pages into a thread about a Scottish player and we haven’t had someone on yet to claim they knew him years ago and he actually had leanings for the Shettlestons!

By all acounts he is just as big a bear as anyone on here. Decent player, not sure he is of the quality we now need right enough but I like to see guys like him do well.


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We never took him when he was available for free...
So doubt there will ever be an interest when he's gonna cost £1m+