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RTV? Completed it mate!
Still nowhere to be seen. Slightly worried. Was hoping he’d be back for hearts
The last forecast was on about 24 Sep and suggested 3-4 weeks. He's not been seen in recent Training videos on RangersTV either. I'd suggest he might still be at least 2 weeks away from a First Team appearance on that basis. He's not going to do a few days training and then get thrown in.


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Not point rushing Kent back. We’ve seen that he’s not effective unless he’s 100% fit.

Time for Hagi, Wright and Aribo to step up.

Let’s have a fully fit Ryan Kent back and firing in a few weeks!
Exactly. The Hearts game might be a good one for Wright too.

I'm sure they'll want to attack us so he could be a good quick option on the break.


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A couple of huge wins in our next 2 games could see us pull away at the top and extend our lead over the cumrags AND get ourselves back into the race for top 2 in Europe, all without firing on full cylinders! And 2 of our most influential players in Jack and Kent to come back, life is good. Let's try and take the negatives as a positive

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Has had a face like a wet weekend since the start of the season, hopefully he gets over whatever is eating him up in his private life because for me that's clearly what it is.


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Spoke to him on Balmore road on Tuesday he was in his Range Rover I was beside him he said he was back running and doing ball work and isn’t far away just need to be careful with the hamstring. He was a proper gent didn’t have to acknowledge me never mind have a small conversation.
Was it last season I think Kent had been injured and I think he came back for the celtic game and played excellent even when most posters including myself thought it was too soon?


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they have been playing very well, we have not been firing on all cylinders

can't dismiss it as a certain home win imo
No but against the spoon burners in the second half against 10 though we were more direct than we have been all season especially the full backs that day, so things looking up.

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Wright played really well against Hibs, was always looking to go forward. Hopefully starts again on Saturday.

I thought Wright didn’t get the praise he deserved against hibs. Lundstram and Balogun were lauded but for me Wright was equally as good, although my personal opinion on Balogun differed from some.

Anyway the thought of Jack, helander and Kent all to come back in and hopefully all around the same time, bacuna and Lundstram hopefully up to speed and settled gives me optimism for 56


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Really just wish they'd tell us whats going on, I think about 2 months ago he said Jack was very close. Not even sure if he's kicked a ball.