Kerryfail Meltdown - It's the hope that kills you.


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worked it out this time

Hal Holbrook



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What 7 year old wonders about your teams main rivals finances?

File this under things that clearly never happened.
When I was 7 It was only Rangers and teams who Rangers played. I thought everybody supported Rangers because everybody I was around spoke to me about Rangers. Other teams could’ve came from Timbuktu for all I knew, cared or thought about. And Rangers were the best because they had Super Ally and Durant. Although he’s talking utter pish, I love the idea that Rangers being a bigger and better club has traumatised them into some deep thinking since they were in nappies.

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Cliff Richard once played a concert at Honda FC’s Stadium in Japan and kept getting asked by some folk in the crowd to sing ‘itchyfanny’. Cliff was bewildered at these requests and says to the crowd “ I’ve never written a song called itchyfanny, how does it go?”. A Japanese fan in the crowd then starts singing “itchyfanny, how we don’t talk anymore”.
I’ll get my coat and prepare for my ban.
Tremendous mate but there's a joke thread elsewhere

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We could easily cripple Sevco's season by making approaches for Ross Wilson (DOF) & Beale (Head coach) bung them £ 5m and they would implode

Might / would get some abuse but Fly mo survived it
Problem here is that they have aimed way too high, I’d say there is a healthy chance they could loan George Edmundson and Jordan Jones for a season to help them through their financial difficulties and squad rebuild. Not a bad rumour to start just to watch the absolute implosion!