Kerryfail Meltdown - It's the hope that kills you


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Saw one of their mob saying our penalty was dodgy as the ref didn't give but it was spotted by the fourth official. Got to wonder what he thinks the fourth official's function is? Not to grass up -penalties?
Apparently they think UEFA is run by masons and officials have instructions to be favourable towards us.


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Did Lennon not come out with; "We haven't been that bad, if some of the draws had been wins we'd have been in a better place" a couple of weeks back
He said:
"We defended poorly, particularly at the THIRD and FOURTH goals". And "lots to be positive about"!!!

Tonight just gets better and better.


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GERS are the real deal +thats how to overcome +win a game against a dangerous quality
team . East end living in a dreamland for years .WE better pump 6 into them january +
finish it.


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That’s a public plea to be put out of his misery. If it goes properly south for them on Sunday, Fritzl and the rotund Japanese chap will be forced to act because the ire will be directed at them.

‘Mon the Super Saintees!


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Their manager openly trolling them in post match press conferences, backed up by their absentee landlord and his puppet. Lovely :D


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They’re saying we’ll win the treble. Trying to make themselves feel better by ignoring the europa league. That’ll be a proper quadruple.


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Europa League began in season 2009/10.

Teams who have conceded most in Group Stage (144 groups over 12 years, 576 teams)

20. Vardar ( Macedonia) 17/18
19. Shamrock Rov (Republic of Ireland) 11/12 Astana (Kazakhstan)19/20
18. Limassol (Cyprus) 14/15 and Dudelange (Luxembourg)19/20
17. Celtic 20/21 (Game to play)
Lille perfectly capable of putting 3/4 past them so could be topping another table soon

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Don't forget tlb said they could win the champions league a few years ago they really believe they are at that level.
As previous winners deserve to be part of a new european set up, however this season in particular has sunk these boats.