Kerryfail Meltdown - It's the hope that kills you.


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I can 100% see some suicides when Tav lifts that trophy.

And I’m not even meaning that in a snidey sort of ‘bring it on’ kind of way, I’m just absolutely convinced some of them will take it THAT badly.

If they were still allowed in the piggery the few thousand still showing up would leap from the top tier, like the good ol’ days



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Yet people are surprised when we let their full-backs get the ball high up the pitch in the last two OF games.

If they cross it, it's going fucking nowhere. If they try and pass it, they're likely to give it away.

I said this after the game. Kent was pulling inside onto ajer and leaving frimpong open to receive the ball. Kent usually bursts a gut to get back but whenever frimpong had it he just left him to it


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"The more I think of it the more it annoys me that this average huns team is going to win the league by about 20 plus points.

And before any lurkers try to suggest the huns are better than average, there’s not one hun that would even come close to playing for a Celtic team under rodgers.

Use have deservedly won the league I’ll give use that much but the reason Celtic Havnt won the 10 is because Celtic have literally self destructed and what should have been a 2 horse race with us eventually winning by 10-15 points has what Kevin bridges once described “Scottish football has turned into show jumping” only the huns are the ones doing the show jumping."


"Will there be an asterisk on this year's league due to number of penalties given?(and not given)

Well done Dallas Brethren, your lodge have made double sure"


"There's that many huns came out the woodwork they've left it looking like an Emmentaler cheese.

Slimy maggot bastards, took until last night before the confidence to surface arose.

Null and void will kill them. "