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These stories about their ground falling down and the high maintenance costs have been around forever. Not sure there’s any substance to them


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These stories about their ground falling down and the high maintenance costs have been around forever. Not sure there’s any substance to them
Before I joined the army I worked for welding engineers and it was a daily job welding bits here and there that was oh 20yrs ago so yeah maintenance is constantly ongoing :))

Bear all

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Saw it said somewhere that Hibs were “dominating” before the red card. If a bit of possession means you are “dominating” the word has no meaning anymore.
He never saw the first half were I actually thought we played our best football.


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Taig on ssb saying the Dunfermline fans where singing about their disgusting child abuse the whole game.

Well done Pars supporters
Sing for the victims loud and strong. The weight of the truth will one day break the circle of evil. The fact that Celtic Football Club is still operational is a disgrace. This is not about financial stuff affecting a holding company - it's pure sporting integrity and serial abuse of footballers.

Brother Crockett

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I go to the USA regularly and hire a car. If I turn right on a red and don’t look properly and hit a pedestrian, they could get my house.

This club should be sued into oblivion.
That’s not correct. You’d be sued to the extent of your rental car insurance policy. You could be sued for more, but you wouldn’t.

If one of them was to get into legal problems here, there would be a criminal case against the defendant Even if found not guilty, he could be tried in a civil suit. Maybe the club are brought into the suit. Certainly lawyers will look for someone with deep pockets How they could collect, who knows. HHB might know, could be an asset seizure over here.


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I mean he's better than Scott bain.. not much we can say about bringing back old keepers when we have McGregor. An improvement is still an improvement

So is Craig Gordon better than bain actually. %^*& knows why bain became the #1.

McGregor was and still is at the top of his game
Frather has been injured for years


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Keys stats.

sustained a serious knee injury in March 2015 which ruled him out for the rest of the year.

ESPN described Forster's distribution as "nothing short of appalling"

Forster's poor form continued into January 2017, where it was noted his save/shot ratio was the worst amongst Premier League goalkeepers for the season to date

His indifferent form, however, continued into the new season, with mistakes against Manchester United, Newcastle and Brighton all resulting in Southampton dropping points during the early months in the league

Forster made his first appearance in nearly 2 years in May 2019, playing the full 90 minutes of Southampton's 3–0 defeat at West Ham Utd , his first appearance for the club since December 2017


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Great shot stopper. However for a guy at 6ft 7 he is shocking at commanding the area and is a bombscare with the ball at feet.
Totally agree. Hope he has declined over the last few years though. Hopefully he is the level of player they'll bring in before the window shuts, only decent.