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All four Hoops stars have entered the last 18 months of their respective contracts, with the quartet having a combined market value of £92m.

Football Insider claim Celtic wanted £40m for Edouard over the summer and £20m to part ways with Ajer. Christie is also valued at £20m, while Ntcham was rated at around £12m earlier this year.

Once you stop pissing yourself laughing, it's difficult to know where to start with those figures.

The fact that they are putting Benidorm Barbie into a Goddess like status, suggests to me that it has already been agreed that he/she will sign in January, which will keep the manky hordes happy, most likely as a swap for Ajer.

Even if they had 2 years left on their contracts, they wouldn’t be worth anything near that.

Now in the real world, they are entering the last 12 months of their contract before they are sold in the next window (if at all). Their European results in Europe will be seriously damaging their value.
The club is in open turmoil and are constantly embarrassed on the European stage. They don’t want to be hanging around for that again as their personal image and value as a player will be getting reduced.
I can see them pushing for a transfer this window and if not getting it, keep pushing or simply watch their contract finish up.
I can see a good bunch of them going for nothing with 6 months left on their contract.

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How many broken TVs and remotes?
How many children unable to watch peppa pig cos daddy liam has fucked the tv?
How.many Bernadettes with sore faces

All because the deranged mutants watch our games?!?!?
Can never get my head round that, I wouldnt dream of watching that shower of shite, unless it's against Rangers ...tarriers....the cabbage gift that keeps on giving

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Taken from a Moderator on the Lennon thread in Kerryfail about 5 minutes :D

I appreciate we're all very, very pissed off just now. But it'd be nice if we could keep it reasonably civil. By all means have a rant and a vent. But I think we're crossing the line when NL is being called a rat, etc. Whatever he is, he's someone who loves the club. And if you see a post that you think is offensive, report it rather than responding with all guns blazing. If enough dislike a post it'll disappear on its own. Ta.
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