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ahh feck is a H/T sample. The penny dropping for them more and more and some are just resigned to it...

Sadly not even surprised at the result or the performance. Can't even bring myself to be angry either.
Wasn't all bad. I had a fish supper at half time
At least Rodgers got us pumped in the Champions League
Bit of a shampoo sandwich, but I didn't really expect anything else. I was done with Lennon after Ferencvaros so there's not much point beating that dead horse. I do feel that Edouard has been suspect all season, but he's not the reason we conceded 8 goals in 2 ties against winnable opposition. You know, if this was politics we'd at least have the satisfaction of knowing there's a vote at the end of it all. It's worse than that being a Celtic supporter because whatever you do short of riot you're still going to end up with Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell eff you up the arse whilst rifling through your pockets for spare change. It's a shame really.
He’s on the verge of being despised by a large section of the fans. He should walk but he’ll stick it out for the money
Whatever you think of his delivery Badlands is right. There’s not a chance in hell Lennon thinks he can turn this around. He’s waiting to be pushed.
A good friend of his or a really close family member really needs to sit him down and tell him todo the right thing.


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Taken from a Moderator on the Lennon thread in Kerryfail about 5 minutes :D

I appreciate we're all very, very pissed off just now. But it'd be nice if we could keep it reasonably civil. By all means have a rant and a vent. But I think we're crossing the line when NL is being called a rat, etc. Whatever he is, he's someone who loves the club. And if you see a post that you think is offensive, report it rather than responding with all guns blazing. If enough dislike a post it'll disappear on its own. Ta.
Not a rat - he is a RHAT


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Almost every Tim on Kerryfail wants him gone and gone by tomorrow, he's done. Just a matter of time now, no idea who they have at the weekend, but it won't matter.
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