Kevin Clancy referee v Kilmarnock.


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We should have called this tarrier kunt out after the scum game and said he shouldn’t referee another Rangers game , why we didn’t is beyond belief.


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Clancy should have been sacked on the spot after the Piggery game. The amount of non-Rangers fans who were also condemning his open cheating said it all. It was an embarrassment to Scottish football.
That performance was the day the penny dropped with non Rangers fans. It was so bad, people were just pissing themselves at him.

Delboy Trotter

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Management should mention something in the pre match presser. Just something that won’t get anyone into bother but enough that Clancy knows we haven’t forgot and will be watching him like a hawk


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The refs in this country are rotten most of the time. one week its a terrible ref the next it’s a really terrible one and so on.


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Incredible eh.

Rangers for just about the first time ever have gone 3 matches without a booking.

The start of a new season with no fans baying as soon as a Rangers player goes near a tackle.

They send for Clancy to reestablish the old normal before it gets out of hand.


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Fully expected Clancy to get the call up for their game midweek against St Mirren to help them get back to winning ways but postponed and he ended up 4th official at Motherwell.

29th December should have been the end of him refereeing our matches. Walsh at the weekend isn't much better was their not a stat for him the last 5 or 6 Rangers games he done he booked Alfie in every single one of them?


Guaranteed first sending off this season with that clown.
Henderson the other night was woeful but Clancy is different class.
Absolute cheat!


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Do the referees get an equal number of games for each club per season?

Are they given more of our games if they've done well or are they relegated/demoted if they judged to be performing poorly? It's something I'd like to know more about but not sure how you'd get that kind of information. I don't know anything about the allocation process.


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Clancy knows exactly what's at stake!

Mark my words. We'll get f*ck all from him and he'll do everything in his power to give the advantage to Killie. Just like the 2-1 game at the piggery!

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
Should never be allowed near another one of our games after deciding to try and cheat us out of a win on live television. In fact in any other league I doubt a ref would be allowed to take charge of a certain team’s games again after a performance like that. It couldn’t have been any clearer what he was up to if he’d swapped his black shirt for the green and grey. Cùnt.


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The only ref in history that adds injury time onto injury time because his team were getting beat.
The Jesuit will have no hesitation in hammering us either by his ommission (never saw it) or by any means he can find to punish us, he should have been thrown out after his last debacle and Rangers failed to do anything about him, we will regret that.


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Clancy is a cheating tarrier rat bastard. He should have been taken off the list immediatly after the outrage in December. His arrogance is beyond belief and he knows he will be protected by the cabal.
no other post required, the perfect summation of Clancy.

The Iceman

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8 mins added on time if the game is tight. Stop start every time the wind hits a Killie player.
Plenty of yellow cards for us .


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Glad we’ve got a respected, neutral commentator covering the game. I’d get Walter in for this one too. Let’s see him cheat under the most intense scrutiny this time, rather than Walker and Crocker looking the other way.


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Refs in this country are on a sliding scale from inept down to blatant cheats. Clancy firmly at the bottom end of the scale.


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He should never have been in charge of another game after that performance at the piggery.

That was out and out blatant, cheating taken to another level.

We had the opportunity to take it further and end his career, Beale called him out, he was merely telling the truth and pointed out the obvious, but we backed down.


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First game in charge of us since the OF game at Hogmany I believe.

I think Clancy will have a low profile game to try and appear he is impartial then do his major cheating nearer the end of the season when it's clearer what games he has to manipulate to benefit his team and disadvantage us.
He will try to cheat on a more subtle way imo.

One thing is clear he will cheat us when he thinks he needs to and where possible.


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I’d prefer to never see him ref us ever again .

The lack of scrutiny his dogshit performance got from the “ neutral “ press could lead to another wise sane person becoming paranoid .


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I still would like someone to answer the question on, if shirt pulling in a box is a definite penalty on dec 29th,how come subsequently he didn’t give one penalty there after for the remainder of the season,for the same offence?
He didn't give a penalty for the same offence in the same game.

He would have been gutted we scored from the resulting corner.


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I still would like someone to answer the question on, if shirt pulling in a box is a definite penalty on dec 29th,how come subsequently he didn’t give one penalty there after for the remainder of the season,for the same offence?
He bypassed 2 examples, at least , in the same match .

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