Kilmarnock Chairman Comments


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I’m from the area, Killie are my local club and I always had a soft spot for them but Bowie does my nut in, he really does have a real dislike for us for god only knows what reason.

Killie fans love him though, they were in the grubber before he took over.


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Was born a stone's throw from Rugby Park but grew up a Rangers fan because of my grandfather. Used to sneak into the ground as a kid. So there's always been a soft spot. Now - nothing. What with their shitty plastic pitch and diabolical stuff like this they can do one. With that pitch they shouldn't even be in the Premiership - how their few fans can turn up every other week to watch "football" on that surface is beyond me.

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That’s a Chairman, the mans a gibbering idiot. Just to 3cho other comments I’ve a very good mate who’s a Killie fan and they really do hate us but rely on our 2 visits a year to keep them going.


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Kilmarnock, Dundee, Motherwell and Hearts are all nothing clubs who think they have some sort of rivalry with us and have a new found hatred of us. Ironically it’s clubs who previously had a level of respect for us.

Ive enjoyed a Pre game sash up with them all many years ago in their own supporters clubs and local Orange halls.


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What an absolute retard.

Aside from the content in general. The bit at the end about being lucky to have technology like zoom otherwise they would have been gubbed. Never heard of a conference call? A total simpleton.


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Maybe we missed a trick by not having a pop up version of the dossier.

I'm still confident that we will take the SPFL board to court. People like this knuckle dragger don't affect that.

When our fans start to attend matches in future, it's up to us to remember when and where to spend our money.


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If Bowie doesnt think there is much to worry about in Rangers dossier about the corporate governance of the SPFL you wonder what his company records/ procedures are like.
That shit for brains idiot couldn’t spell the word dossier, let alone read it.


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When interviewed after becoming chairman he said;

“I grew up in Stewarton, where the streets would empty on a Saturday afternoon because everyone had gone to the football.”

I missed my childhood so bought into Kilmarnock because Rugby Park is empty on a Saturday.


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Irrespective of Bowie’s IQ, challenged or otherwise, what is demonstrated here is the ongoing use of our club as a chew toy for a collection of similar small club chairmen and officials.

That the filth are so inconsequential to them to the extent that they turn a blind eye to cheating, cronyism, racketeering and the heinously despicable 50 year acquiescing in and cover up of child rape.

The demonisation and hatred of our club has rendered Scottish football bereft of any good men who might recognise and confront base evil when they see it writ large before them. Instead they prefer to f*ck with us merely for being the apex club in Scottish football history.

Remember we are a club who were punished in the most unprecedented and draconian manner for the criminality of a parcel of rogues who attached themselves to our club due to the opportunity precipitated by our enemy...Rangers FC were not then and have never been subject to court action for any form of criminality!

One must hope that the line drawn in the sand by our acting chairman is one of tangibility and robustness. If not the club will continue to be at the mercy of anemic, parasitical cowards like Bowie bent on keeping us down whilst benefiting from our existence.

Remember this filth lurkers;

Scottish football and society tolerates your scum sucking club and its rancid mendacity to get at us! That is how entirely insignificant you are in the scheme of things. They are so f*cked up by their hatred of us to the utter detriment of their ambitions for their own clubs...Think about that! Now tell me how insignificant that makes you feel?


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So, in essence, he thinks the people who govern our game are doing the job just fine and that our dossier was pointless, well if he really does think that then our game is well and truly damaged beyond repair.

Or, is it more the case that they repeat the usual anti-Rangers narrative so to keep in line with the rest of Scottish football.


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Ehh aye so basically the fingymajig worked for us so ehm I didny see anything wrong wif it, kinda, n Rangers ur just daft 'n' 'at for not going along wif whits best for me.