Kilmarnock Karma


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According to Derek Ferguson they should have had a red early for a leg breaking tackle and a few other hefty challenges as well yet only a yellow card dishes out so far.


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The difference being that it won't affect them as it may be years before they are in Europe again but we need to get away from playing these early rounds. Unfortunately we can't do it on our own.
Unfortunately we will need to do it on our own as none of the others seem capable of stringing any results together.
Watched the first half. %^*& me the Welsh mob are an absolute disgrace. Playing at this level there is a genuine worry some wee daft kunt will just snap someone's leg into bits, I hate entering at this stage of European competition
As long as the leg break victim is that ferret faced fenian fcuker that plays right back for Kilmarnock then I am happy!!


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For the scottish co-efficient(which will help us) and if it means killie go through and then need to play a europa game just before we go to rugby park I hope killie go through, otherwise I couldnt really care less.

Want the tarriers to lose every game they play but outside of them I dont really give a fcuk about the other scottish teams.


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Clearly I’m not a Welsh language speaker but the commentary had just included kirk tanglefoot’s main claim to fame.
He broke man u’s Valencia’s leg at old Trafford.
O’Donnell failing his scum Europe audition he’s pish.