Kilmarnock replay £27


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Think £20 would have pretty much guaranteed a sell out.

Still expecting a healthy crowd. Public sale league games sell out so quickly these days, so this a chance for more people to get along.

Rich Uncle Skeleton

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Someone mentioned in another thread that any replays have to be priced the same as the original tie.

Kilmarnock will have made an absolutely fortune from us this season.
I'm sure this happened a few years back with Killie and Rangers wanted to reduce the prices but they didn't agree to it, crowd was barely five figures.

Scrubs UK

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Kilmarnock wanted to charge the full top tier price. Both clubs have to agree though. Problem Rangers had was that if they don't accept the price KIllie want then it revert to the to tier price anyway,


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It was a lot worse having to pay that to watch a game on a artificial pitch.

That said, us charging the same is a bit steep IMO, especially with the amount of money we've paid this season to follow the club. I always try and compare it to other games and a few weeks ago, my ticket for Chelsea v Spurs in the Semi of the League Cup final was £25. And that was in the posh stand as well (all stands the same price)

I'll always pay what Rangers want me to so i'm a bit of a walking contradiction but for others I totally understand why they wouldn't pay it. Should be a bit lower IMO.

Valley Bluenose

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Someone mentioned in another thread that any replays have to be priced the same as the original tie.

Kilmarnock will have made an absolutely fortune from us this season.
I'm pretty sure the ticket price has to be agreed between the clubs and have a vague recollection also that ticket prices for replays have to be the same (where possible) as they were for the initial tie.


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TBF to the club they've been pretty good with the domestic cup prices over the past few seasons so I've no doubt Killie have wanted their bigger price.

Myself, I simply can't justify paying £27 for it this month.


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Kilmarnock will be well aware of how many we have on Cccs and will be greedy for the extra funds a replay gives them.
They will have pushed for as a high a ticket price as possible, but at least I'll be able to find my seat number next Wednesday.


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That's ridiculous for a replay against a team we'll be playing 7 times this season. Especially on a Wednesday night when it'll be freezing no doubt.


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Seem someone post saying Killie will be due to make near £1 million from out games alone this season. 4 games at rugby Park and 50% of an Ibrox gate.

Maybe now they can afford to run with a grass pitch again?

mark hateley

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Hamilton tickets arrived the other day, £22 for myself & £12 for my dad. Much more reasonable.

Killie are at it.

That said, I picked up two tickets for Dens earlier in the season from their club shop, £30 a pop no concessions.

Most clubs rob us blind.

Valley Bluenose

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From the SFAs rules for the Scottish Cup:

35. Minimum Charge for Admission

Subject to a minimum adult non concessionary charge for admission to matches in the Preliminary Round (if applicable), Round One, Round Two and Round Three, of £5, and of £8 for matches in subsequent Rounds excluding the Semi-Final and Final Ties, the charges for admission shall be arranged by the competing clubs. If they are unable to agree, the charges which are normally made for the regular fixtures of the club at whose ground the match is to be played, will apply.