Kilmarnock replay £27


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Funding this mob to the tune of best part of £1m in ticket sales this season makes me sick.

Despicable club.

Valley Bluenose

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From the SFAs rules for the Scottish Cup:

35. Minimum Charge for Admission

Subject to a minimum adult non concessionary charge for admission to matches in the Preliminary Round (if applicable), Round One, Round Two and Round Three, of £5, and of £8 for matches in subsequent Rounds excluding the Semi-Final and Final Ties, the charges for admission shall be arranged by the competing clubs. If they are unable to agree, the charges which are normally made for the regular fixtures of the club at whose ground the match is to be played, will apply.


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Steep but no surprise it is the same price as the original game.

Included on my ST thankfully, so no extra outlay.


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£27 is a rip off. Killie should be ashamed, it’s only going to diminish their away support also.
They only care about fleecing as much cash as they can get, otherwise they would be doing the right thing, setting the price low and asking for a decent ticket allocation (more than 800).

Between this and their odious Manager’s recent behaviour, we are due them a pumping. Hopefully we oblige.


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Think I'm gonna pass on this, especially since I'm up at 4am the next day. I'll happily wait until the 16th March to watch Kilmarnock come to Ibrox again.


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Another club complicent in our turmoils and they are still receiving funding from us and taking the piss.Never a penny to any of them ever.


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Frustrations over prices surely needs to be aimed at Kilmarnock rather than Rangers. The exact same price seems too much of a coincidence really.

The club could should come out and say they tried to lower the prices if they wanted it lower. Put Kilmarnock in a position.


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Not seen us in action since December 29th and have got some money left over so I'll go to the replay.

Kilmarnock are money grabbin fuukin arseholes. It'll no be this season but if they get relegated soon I'll have a hauf to celebrate.

Barca Bear

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Seem someone post saying Killie will be due to make near £1 million from out games alone this season. 4 games at rugby Park and 50% of an Ibrox gate.

two of the games at rugby park were also 50%

Maybe now they can afford to run with a grass pitch again?


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For those of questioning the prices If you are kilmarnock what option do you take 37,000 bears at £27 =£999,999 or 50,000 bears at £20 = £1,000,000 .........

maybe Rangers could've done more in the initial tie but given we take most of the support i doubt it was in our interest to do so