Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports

An absolutely stinking game of football.

Not the performance I expected from Rangers. Poor in every department, lack of creativity and inability to work their keeper.

Predictable, one paced and a complete lack of quality. Lamping the ball up to 5ft 7' Defoe, who comes up with that game plan? Managers decision making in the substitutions was poor.

Tired from midweek, I'm not having that. We are fighting for a double, not some no mark footballing team.


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A chance to ram that Jakey pricks words down his throat and we can’t do it, it worries me how he has gerrard sussed

Tav, Candeias, Arfield, Jack all not even at the fucking races.

Fucking joke we need to play them again


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Shite game. Shite performance.

For me this is a game fucked by Gerrard again. Poor management throughout. He really needs to start making changes quicker and taking chances.

Davis and Lafferty should have been on much sooner. He left it far too late to make any really change in the game and that just left us slow and lacking any creativity.

Kent and Halliday only players with pass marks.