Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports


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This is fucking grim.

As an aside, Lafferty’s been warming up for about 15 minutes now and he’s still not been subbed on despite looking like he was receiving instructions from the coaching staff at one point. Seems a bit strange that he’s not came on yet given we are getting nowhere with Defoe tonight.


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The only positive from the game is Jones is better than Kent and Candieas but just as with Defoe the toebash crossing tactics from the right wing only might render both Defoe and Jones useless

tottie beck

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Too many Bears having an off day tonight. Maybe the efforts of midweek taking its toll. I’d be thinking of a change soon if I were the gaffer. Perhaps even shift to a 4-4-2 to get some balance in midfield. Davis for Arfield and Lafferty for Candeias?