Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports

tottie beck

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Strange sub. Defoe just needs a sniff to score, I would have pulled Candeias, he’s not had a good game today. It would also allow us to have gone with two up front


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Looked like McCrorie there was a carbon copy of the penalty Aberdeen got midweek

Ref - foul against Ross


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Honestly not having a go at you, but I don’t understand this?

It’s an appalling performance AND we are superior?

The simple facts are we’ve been totally dominant and we’re missing our brilliant international young striker. Operation taigs in TV studios working so far.
We have been appalling today. In general terms (not today) we are superior to Kilmarnock. every single player we have is superior.

We just seem to continually get involved in turgid games