Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports


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The replay should give Killie enough cash to pay tonight’s electric bill and buy a truck load of black pellets for their 5 a side pitch


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Based on this we need to implement a better attacking game instead of letting Candeias and Tav spam crosses

Kent dribbles towards people then turns back cause he can't get past them

Jones has got past them tonight
Have a good lie down, if you believe it then are you the mental guy who used to sit in the East Enclosure shouting to Laudrup that he was a lazy useless bassa? :D


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If people want to watch Tav and Candeias spam crosses and pretend Kent is better than Jones just because he's Liverpool youth like Danny Wilson that's fine


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An absolutely stinking game of football.

Not the performance I expected from Rangers. Poor in every department, lack of creativity and inability to work their keeper.

Predictable, one paced and a complete lack of quality. Lamping the ball up to 5ft 7' Defoe, who comes up with that game plan? Managers decision making in the substitutions was poor.

Tired from midweek, I'm not having that. We are fighting for a double, not some no mark footballing team.