Match Thread Kilmarnock v Rangers - 17:15 Saturday - Premier Sports


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Poor as always on that abysmal park, which sums up the state of Scottish football. Hopefully we now slaughter the ref.


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We didn't deserve a win
Didn't deserve to be defeated either

Best result we could get - regrettably

Hopefully on a decent surface with a team who are up for it - we bury them then


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Did not enjoy that at all, rangers at least tried to win the game, killie as usual turgid packing the box pish that would get football banned. Really starting to hate that lot as much as hibs and dolly


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We fought a war and we battled well.
We are still in there against a horrible team to play against.
When we play like that we are hard to beat.
In the cup it is all about not losing.
It was a horrible watch but we are still in the draw for the next round.


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Useless shite premier sports.take it a lot of peoples cut off bang on 90 mins. Was it just people watching via the app or through tv too


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Didn't really play to Defoe's strengths today, Might have been better with Laff if we were just going to punt high balls forward all the time


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That was a non-event. Still worrying the lack of creativity from midfield - something that should have been addressed in the summer yet we don't seem to be in any great hurry to address it.

It will cost us this season for sure ...


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Yeah he is, Kent barely gets by his man with barely any end product

Jones when he's had the ball has looked better to me tonight

I've read back over your previous 20 or so postings and you are the most negative person i've ever read on here. You don't half talk some shite.


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It was almost like Gerrard was more worried about losing again than going for the win! Was so many players mis firing and yet we wait to 82 minutes to make a change

thornhill bear

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Dire game to watch both teams as bad as each other. If we went ahead at the penalty the game might have opened up but Killie happy to sit behind the ball and watch us play. Glad I’m a Bear cos that sub standard level of football must be soul sapping.


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shite pitch,didn't lose so I'm fine wi that after all the turmoil past few days,had tough game Wednesday night remember,have no doubt we'll win at Ibrox anyway