Klos moment my friend is convinced happened

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Trying to end an argument here. My friend is convinced that Klos almost scored a header late on in a UEFA Cup game but I’ve said he’s mixed it up with Namouchi’s goal at Tannadice. Any truth in what he’s saying?
He did, almost, at Ibrox v Viktoria Zizkov (sp) the night we went out. He is correct, right at the end too.

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This has got me thinking. Sort of.
Who was the opposition that Chris Woods missed a penalty against?
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I had the misfortune to be at the away leg in Prague, but even then we should still have qualified.
Yes Klos went close in the Ibrox match.


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We did think he scored against Dundee United with a last minute equaliser, but it was later given to namouchi.

The incident your mate is thinking of also happened, Zizkov game.


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Vitoria Zizkov

We went out after a diabolical showing over there (lost 2-0), despite winning 3-1 at home.


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The Zizkov keeper also made a wonder save from a point blank volley from Amoruso.

The klos header was straight at him, he tipped it over the bar.

Probably the most frustrating game I’ve ever been at.


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He nearly scored in the European game, bullet header in injury time that would have put us through, the keeper had a wonder save or it was cleared off the line, can’t mind the exact detail, it was an unbelievable moment, if it had went in I think the foundations of Ibrox would have been troubled.
I know we lost that night but it was pure football drama, sticks out in my mind all these years later


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It was Zizkov in 2002.

We had a corner, one of our players gets felled in the box, ref points to the spot for a penalty place goes wild only for the linesman to remind the ref the rules and that the ball wasn’t in play. Corner gets taken and Klos gets his head on the ball and the Zizkov keeper saved it.

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