Last Man Standing Competition 4 Round 6


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We started round 5 with 12 players where we lost 4.

The 4 that leave us are:

@A1bertz 2
@Helanders Beard
@largsloyalist 2
@Wazza 4

Thank you all for playing.

The 8 that remain:

@Calderwoodloyal 2 Liverpool Celtic Chelsea Rangers Fulham Stoke Man City Swansea OUT
@crazy1872 1 Chelsea West Brom Kilmarnock Celtic Man City Fulham Liverpool Rangers
@Dumbarton Rock 2 Chelsea West Brom Kilmarnock Rangers Man City Fulham Liverpool Arsenal
@hhss 1 Man City Chelsea Arbroath Rangers Fulham Raith Liverpool Celtic
@paddingtonbear 1 Man City Chelsea Kilmarnock Rangers Fulham Stoke Liverpool Celtic
@Stoneyloyal55 2 Spurs Man City Chelsea Bournemouth Stoke Fulham Arsenal Liverpool
@watty200 1 Man City Celtic Kilmarnock Rangers Fulham Partick Liverpool Hearts
@Wazza 2 Bournemouth Man City Rangers Arsenal Partick Spurs Fulham Celtic OUT
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Pick 2 teams from the following games:

Saturday 27th November

All games 15:00 unless stated.

England Premiership

Arsenal v Newcastle 12:30
Palace v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Southampton
Norwich v Wolves
Brighton v Leeds 17:30

England Championship

Preston v Fulham 12:30
Bournemouth v Coventry
Birmingham v Blackpool
Huddersfield v Middlesbrough
Hull v Millwall
Luton v Cardiff
Peterbrough v Barnsley
Stoke v Blackburn
Swansea v Reading

Scotland Premiership

Dundee v Motherwell
Hearts v St Mirren
Ross County v Dundee Utd
St Johnstone v Hibs

Sunday 28th November

England Premiership

Brentford v Everton 14:00
Burnley v Spurs 14:00
Leicester v Watford 14:00
Man City v West Ham 14:00
Chelsea v Man Utd 16:30

England Championship

Sheff Utd v Bristol City 12:30

Scotland Premiership

Livingston v Rangers 12:00
Celtiv v Aberdeen 15:00


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1. League fixtures from the top two divisions in both Scotland and England.

2. Saturday and Sunday fixtures only.

3. No less than twenty fixtures.

4. Once you have selected a team you can't use that team again for the rest of the competition.



(Rounds 1-4)

Basic and simple...

1. Select a team, if it wins you are through.

2. You can edit your selection until kick off.

3. If your selected fixture is abandoned you carry through to the next round however you will be required to select an EXTRA team.

4. If your selected fixture is postponed you can either wait until the following round to pick an EXTRA (as above) or simply edit.

5. If you fail to enter you will be eliminated.

6. If all players were to exit at a particular round then all who took part in THAT round would be immediately reinstated for the next.


(Rounds 5 - 10)

You are now requested to select TWO teams.

1. If both your selections win you go through to the next round or win the full pot if all of your opponents fail to get both selections correct.

2. If only one of your selections win you will win the full pot if all of your opponents fail to get any selections correct.

3. If all players fail to get any of their selections correct then all players from THAT round will be back in.

Arrive at round 10 and we have some very lucky/good players on our hands as in essence you have just completed a thirteen team accumulator.

All winnings will be paid out via bank transfer only (the same as it came in), I will message the winner(s) requesting their bank details and money will be transferred immediately.

On completion of each competition there will be a short pause (about two weeks) where we will offer places to other forum members who may be interested in coming in and adding to an already respectful pot.

With five pounds now released from every player the pool pot now sits at...



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Cheers Scott, hard one this - looking at who everyone has so far I expect Liverpool be popular for starters on this one. Will see how the matches go this week before picking.


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I’ll have to find a stream to cheer the Saints on tomorrow! As long as Fulham ain’t done me by that point in the early match.

All the best everyone.


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All players have now picked:

Arsenal - 2 WON
Celtic -3
Fulham - 1 DREW
Hearts - 1 WON
Liverpool - 6 WON
Man City - 1
Rangers - 1
Swansea - 1 LOST
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All players have now picked:

Arsenal - 2
Celtic -3
Fulham - 1
Hearts - 1
Liverpool - 6
Man City - 1
Rangers - 1
Swansea - 1
So I have Fulham (DREW) and Celtic.

So I need all these to not win apart from Celtic!

Think I am out, cheers Scott, been a good laugh again - count me in on the next one.

Good luck everyone.


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I may have picked the filthy bastards, but I’ll happily go out. C’mon the red scum.