Latest classy show from hibs fans


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What goes through a person's mind to sing that?

Bet these wee wanks post all over Twitter about mental health too


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Why sing about a poor girl that was hounded to her death by the media, nothing to do with football just a bunch of wee arseholes without a brain cell between them, the sad thing is I'm not even shocked by them. Hope this footage is shared.


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We've all probably laughed at sick jokes when someone in the public eye has died but that song isn't even remotely amusing, just awful patter from a bunch of daft wee boys.


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Lets be honest this goes on in every support, or society even.

The problem now is that everything is recorded, it was a jokey song, albeit in bad taste.

I can't get too worked up or critical on it tbh.

But %^*& it, folk like him started the whole lets be offended nonsense.


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Scum, and again, the same age group you see all this sort of stuff from. No morals, no values, no empathy. Zero human decency. In days gone by it was motivated by politics, religion or rivalry. Sorry, but you see it all the time with the young crowd these days, whether online or elsewhere. Just don't get them at all. Different generation and a completely different mindset.


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Nothing what so ever to do with football but these scum @unts think it good to sing a song about a tragedy. No surprises me when the spoon burners are involved.


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Sad to see/hear this sort of stuff but can honestly say it’s not surprising any more. These morons will make fun of other people’s misfortune and despair but are quick to morph into victim mode when anyone calls them out.


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There are some horrible people if they think this kind of behavior is acceptable. If they think singing this at the football is ok do they sing this type of thing when at work, out driving, in front of their parents/kids. Pathetic despicable people laughing at the death of someone they have never met and know nothing about.


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“Nothing to do with football”
Even if it was about someone to do with football it wouldn’t make the song anymore acceptable

Some songs just have absolutely no place in any society

Embra Bear

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Not a surprise to me. I have lived in Edinburgh all my life. In that time I have never met a nice Hibs fan. That includes members of family that support them.